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Most Popular Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are an essential part of life today but we have to say that the accessories are just as important, no matter how you look at it. There are a ton of different accessories out here, some more useful than others, and we’ve taken the liberty of framing a few that we find to be incredibly useful in the grand scheme of things. In the end, the accessories you buy will depend on how you use your phone, but we’re pretty sure you’ll like at least one of these.


Smartphone Flash Enhancement Accessory

Admit it: you bought your smartphone to take pictures. We’ve seen all the selfies you’ve been posting! Well, not really, but we can guess. If you spend a lot of time in dark environments then there is a good chance you’ve found the integrated camera to be a little bit lacking, which is why you need something like the iBlazr 2 to compensate and give your pictures the illumination hey need. These devices are usually Bluetooth and they sync perfectly with your phone, allowing you to adjust various parameters including brightness and color temperature. If you take a lot of photos, don’t be caught without this addon.


Attachable Camera Lens

A great example of an attachable camera leans would be the Sony QX30, capable of enhancing all of your photos with a 30x optical zoom. Essentially, you’re turning your phone into a DSLR camera, and it uses an NFC/W-Fi connection, allowing you to sync the lens up with several different smartphones. If your native camera just isn’t cutting it, then you’re going to need one of these.


Selfie Stick

Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are all the rage today and with good reason. Taking the perfect selfie means taking the picture from above, and sticks like The Outback Pole can definitely accomplish that. Some sticks are able to work with DLSR cameras as well as GoPros, widening your options even further.


Wireless Charging Pad

If you have a phone that can make use of the wireless charging option then there are a ton of charging pads on the market, some of them with pretty sleek exteriors. We favor the bamboo pattern that’s been floating around, but you really do have a wide range of choices if you just look!


Waterproof Case

We’ve noticed a lot of great waterproof cases for the iPhone, some of which are so impressive and well built that you can actually use your phone in the bathtub safely if you want. Make sure you get a high quality case so that there is no interference between the plastic cover and the touchscreen.


Power Station

Finally, we get to what must be one of the most popular smartphone accessories today, considering the number of people using battery draining games and applications today! Power stations can generally output 4000mAh and allow charging of nearly any USB device on the market. Use on of these to extend your battery life and bring more functionality to your smartphone.



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