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Plum Deluxe: Enjoy Organic Artisan Tea from Portland, Oregon

If you’re a true tea lover, you enjoy tea at home, in restaurants, at tea rooms, and love to try new teas from different regions of the world. You’ve decided which notes you prefer: floral, herbal, spicy. You also have a purpose
for each of your green, white, and black teas. Some are for relaxation, some are for caffeine, some have been infused into your favorite cocktail. (TRY IT!)

For tea lovers like I am (can you tell?), Plum Deluxe’s Tea of the Month club is right up your alley. No more tea bags that have been sitting around for months in your local grocery store. Plum Deluxe is a small, specialized, family owned-and-operated business that tests many samples so you only receive the best blends each month. All blends are handmade in Portland with the freshest organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients from around the world.

From my experience with the below blends, they are VERY well made. It doesn’t take much product to get the full flavor in your cup so the 1oz you get lasts a long time. The Grateful Harvest Blend is a wonderful way to start the day with a natural boost of caffeine. The dessert teas, such as the Coconut Macaron and the Creme Caramel, are wonderful alternatives to eating sweets or just adding a bit of sweet to your day.


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For $10 a month, you receive:

  • 1oz of the special members-only tea (makes 15-20 cups)
  • Sample of a 2nd tea
  • Brewing instructions, tea pairings, and recipes
  • Admission into a private tea lover community
  • Free shipping and members-only discounts on other products

For $16 a month, you receive:

  • 1oz of the special members-only tea
  • 1oz of a surprise signature blend
  • Sample of a 3rd tea
  • + the rest mentioned above


Subscribe for January’s shipment by 1/6 and let us know which blends are your favorites! Or purchase a blend as a gift for a friend’s birthday or Valentine’s Day!

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