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There is a Plant-Based Food Trend Happening Now And We Aren’t Mad About It!

Vegans rejoice: there is a plant-based food trend happening as we speak, and the world is becoming enlightened to the numerous benefits of finding more value in plants than it does in animal-based or chemical based products, specifically as it pertains to protein.

The Protein Myth

You’ve heard it before- “You need to eat animal products because the body needs protein, and that’s where protein is found”. We’re here to debunk that myth and to put you back on solid ground where the truth rings true. there is more than enough protein found in plants to sustain anybody, all day, every day. In order for this to be the case, you need to come to grips with a couple of things.

First of all, you don’t need as much protein as you actually think; in fact, too much protein can be devastating to your health in that it’s closely linked with chronic disease. Though it is important, it should not be consumed in quantities that even closely resemble what’s deemed acceptable today. Rather, consider that you need about .36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight (generally speaking, this may change for different people in different life circumstances). The average American actually consumes 2 or 3 times this, between 100-120 grams of protein every day.

Second of all, there’s no truth in the statement that animal-based protein is of more substance or healthier than plant-based protein. In fact, in many cases, it’s quite the opposite. While animal flesh is, in fact, a good source of protein, more often than not it’s also a “good” source of potentially harmful things like saturated fats, cholesterol, added hormones, antibiotics, and bacteria. Many plant based proteins are equivalent in protein value, and they miss out on all those other things that you really don’t want, while added in things like phytonutrients, water, antioxidants, enzymes, and fiber.

You Are What You Eat

While we’re not here to convince you to be vegan or vegetarian, we do want to challenge your thinking a bit by letting you know many problems can be avoided by carefully selecting the source of your food, and by reminding you that you are what you eat. Does this mean you’re a chicken if you eat chicken? Of course not, but it means your body takes on the nutritional characteristics of that chicken when you eat it. If that chicken has been factory raised and stuffed with hormones and chemicals and antibiotics that will manipulate its existence to meet the need of distributors. well. you’re consuming hormones and chemicals and antibiotics as well. Those things don’t die with the chicken, they live on in its flesh long after death.

The Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein

Give it a shot. what do you have to lose? Maybe in trying some of the best sources of plant-based protein, you’ll grow a taste for it and realize an instant improvement in your overall health. Some real plant-based protein winners that you can easily incorporate into your diet at home? Quinoa, hemp seeds, legumes, lentils, and tempeh.

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