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Places Other Than Vegas to Have a Bachelorette Weekend

Where can you go for an ultimate bachelorette weekend other than Las Vegas?

If you or your BFF are getting married soon, you might be planning a fun-filled bachelorette weekend! Of course, it will involve fun, friends, and family! But maybe you don’t want to go to Las Vegas like everyone else.  And perhaps you want to plan something different, new, and exciting.

Well, don’t worry because there are so many other places other than Las Vegas that are ultimate destinations for a stellar bachelorette weekend. Make yours different and everyone will look forward to experiencing something unexpected.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an ultimate travel destination known for its eco-friendly tourism. Visit the Manuel Antonio National Forest and see sloths, spider monkeys, and agoutis in their natural habitat. Enjoy organic cuisine here and don’t forget to stop along crocodile bridge.

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