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The Pillow Case That Reverses Aging

Pillow Case

When you go to bed, you often forget all of your worries and drift off into a nice sleep, forgetting the world around you until morning. Well, that’s a good philosophy, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that some of your physical needs are being taken care of while you sleep? The first thing we’d like to point out is that yes, beauty sleep is a real thing and we all need it, but that doesn’t just mean making sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep.

Have you ever woken up from a sleep that should have been perfectly restful, and then found yourself looking in the mirror wondering what happened to your face? Yeah, okay, we’ve all been there, and your first recourse will probably be to look into beauty products.

That’s not a bad idea by any means, but have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and wondered why it looks like you just survived a fistfight with a static monster? It might not be your fault .¨ not directly anyway. Sometimes it’s all about your pillowcase.


Go with Satin .¨ It’s the Only Right Choice

What might surprise you here is the fact that cotton is actually a terrible choice for a pillowcase. That’s right; you can make a bad choice, a really bad choice when it comes to your beauty sleep, and that bad choice is definitely cotton. First of all, cotton pillowcases suck
moisture and is very abrasive, whether you feel it or not. Cotton pillowcases have so much friction that they can actually cause hair breakage while exfoliating your skin
– in a bad way. The wrong pillowcase can cause sleep lines, help bring on wrinkles, and So you can see, your sleep may actually a bit of a nightmare.

So how does satin help exactly? First of all, it doesn’t absorb moisture, which is something you’re probably quite happy to hear. Secondly, it helps to prevent the frizzing and rouging up of your hair cuticles. In other words, static, tangles, frizz, breakage, and split-ends. If you’ve set a particular style and you want to keep it that way, then it really helps to not have your pillow assaulting it every time you go to sleep. Let’s be real here; how many times have you straightened your hair only to wake up in the morning and find it practically destroyed? At some point, you’re going to run out of heat protectant, and that stuff isn’t cheap!

It’s not just a nightmare for your hair, it affects your skin too. You could go to sleep with some of the best moisturizer on your face and find that it has absolutely no effect because you’re rubbing it all off in the middle of the night. Seriously, that’s a problem, and one that you shouldn’t have to deal with. This is also a serious issue if you are dealing with
acne or any other skin condition. Your bed, your place of solitude and comfort could become your worst nightmare, and you wouldn’t even know it.


Alternatives If You Please

We get it, not everyone wants to slip n’ slide while they sleep. There are a few other alternatives out there, for example you could try sateen which is a silk-like cotton, or you might try something with a high thread count… think 1000. Don’t worry, there’s something out there for you that won’t declare war on your skin and hair every time you go to sleep. So before picking out the next moisturizing
cream to try and maintain your youthful glow, slip on a case that won’t counteract its effects.


Don’t forget, you may need to trade in that sleep mask too! No one wants moisture pulling from their eye area. So if it is made of a cotton backing, it’s time to upgrade to satin or polyester .¨ not silk.
has some
really cute, different options to the regular styles.




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