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Is Fish Meat?

This may appear obvious to most people but, surprisingly, not everyone. Did you know that fish is considered a meat?

Many people classify meat as only beef, pork, and poultry.
However, fish should also be included in this category. Basically, if something has a face, eyes, lips, teeth and a mouth, it is an animal and eating it should be considered “consuming meat”. Just because fish live in the ocean and not on land – and you can’t always see “juices” as it’s cooking – does not make it not “meat”.

Let’s break down the various classifications of how we eat. If you consume meat and plants you are considered an omnivore. If your diet consists of only plants and fish, you are a pescatarian. If you eat plant matter plus eggs and dairy, you are a vegetarian. And if you eat plant matter only you are a vegan.

Choosing which diet to follow is entirely up to you, but it is important to fully understand each choice and how it will affect both you and the planet. Study your options carefully and remember that making healthy decisions is a lifelong commitment. Take the time to understand how eating in each of these categories can benefit your or not. After all, you are what you eat!



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