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Peekaboo Nails Are Going To Make a Big Splash in 2023

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We often hear of the trend “peekaboo” hair, in which a lighter hair color is below a darker one, but what about “peekaboo” nails? Aprés Nail is a forerunner in the nail industry; after all, they developed the first soft gel nail extension system. And now their 2nd achievement is this fabulous trend!

When one nail has one color or pattern on the surface and another on the underside, this is called a “peekaboo nail.” Over the years, this fad kept coming and fading from public view, but it now is significantly coming back.

Here’s how you can wear it!

Peekaboo Nails Are Going To Make Big In 2023 1
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Black is the classiest forever color no one can get tired of. The peekabooing of this nail art is something loved by everyone. Zebra stripes on the underside and plain black on the outer, isn’t it something catchy and appealing? Yes, indeed, it is. Go for it now!

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