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The Passion of LOVEthirteen Spiritual Glamour

Top jewelry designer Heather Wells has created a line of Spiritual Glamour jewelry that will help you live your life to your greatest potential.


LOVEthirteen is a combination of bohemian, spiritual and glamour jewelry that is designed to connect the owner of each piece “to the stones, crystals and metals that will support them in their life and in their expansion of living as their True Self.”

LS-CT-4 viva glam magazine

The essence of each piece carries with it the wild, free-spirit of the boho fashionista inspiring women to unleash themselves from the commitment and demands of everyday life and run through life with unbridled passion as their hair is tussled by the wind. The spiritual aspect of balance and harmony is woven throughout the pieces with a blending of masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is held within the stable and rock solid crystals and stones. Feminine energy is the creative movement that orchestrates the dance of life, which is perfectly captured in the chain-fringe and tassels. LOVEthirteen honors the glam girl inside each of us with pieces that truly “rock your world” and celebrate the feminine shape and sensuality to the top-notch.

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It was a personal, spiritual journey that led Heather to create LOVEthirteen. In 2013, her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
This chapter in Heather’s life made her realize the fleeting gift of life. It was through her own morning devotional practice that she realized she was not living at her fullest potential. LOVEthirteen is the physical representation of her desire to celebrate the brief and beautiful gift of life and give her deepest offering to the world around her.


Heather said, “The heart of LOVEthirteen is built on my passion and intention for you to actually feel a shift in your energy as you wear your special piece.
With each beaded bracelet, body chain and necklace specifically designed, infused with heartfelt intention and created from hand-selected healing stones, the energy of each piece of jewelry is unique and powerful.
May the pieces of my spiritual glamour collection help you to come to know your deepest Truth and live it, just like I have though LOVEthirteen.”

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Life, after all, is ever changing.
Each piece is designed to support the owner through the constantly changing cycle of life.
And through the challenges in life, one of Heather’s primary messages she conveys through LOVEthirteen is no matter what may happen.we will be okay. Heather aims for each owner to feel beauty, positivity, happiness and love.


To experience Heather Wells’ Spiritual Glamour and to feel her expression of love, light and healing, visit her official website:


Through this offering of Spiritual Glamour may you come to live in the deepest Truth of who you are destined to be.

LS-PY-4 viva glam magazine


Photo Solifoto by Laura Bravo Mertz

Makeup by Cristiam Alfonso

Hair by LJ Sharman

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