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Pacifique LA, a New Gem in Town

Pacifique LA is a charming dinner spot in Los Angeles, and it is definitely a rare gem. The restaurant describes itself as “California meets Asia at this luxe bistro influenced by the seasons & regions of the Pacific”, and that description hits the nail on the head.

The environment of Pacifique is upscale and artistic with globe lights that hang from the ceiling, shining like the moon. While the mood is charming and calm, the food is still out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently. The lighting of the place isn’t too bright, but it isn’t dark. It’s just right for a romantic dinner for two.

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The menu is what truly stole the show here, however. The whole menu is composed of small plates that you can mix and match with a list of main courses, and they do have vegan options to try from.

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For starters, there was a spicy cucumber salad that had accents of french-fried onions on it, and it was absolutely delicious. The ginger mint lemonade was everything we had hoped it would be. And the salads and crispy brussel sprouts were perfectly seasoned. There are many fruit starters and vegetables to try from for the vegans and vegetarians coming in to dine, and everything is uniquely spiced. The menu is meant for you to pick and choose different options, so you can easily cater yourself a diverse meal of fruits and veggies.

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The food was delicious yet still unique to this restaurant, so we would want to go back and eat there again, as we haven’t quite experienced anything else like this is Los Angeles. So, if you find yourself on La Cienega one evening, be sure to stop into this location and give it a try.


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