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Outdated Beauty Trends That Are Suddenly Cool Again

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Trends come and go – and they come back again stronger and better than ever before! That’s the case with 2019 when many retro trends got back in the spotlight. No, we are not talking just about ’90 fashion and beauty, although this decade is alive and well in the modern age. After all, who doesn’t get excited when retro trends that carry dear memories come back into our lives? Those warm feelings of nostalgia are what make an outdated beauty trend so special to us. Thankfully, this year you get to revive your 2000s prom updo, play with nail stickers and much more! Discover the throwback beauty trends that are suddenly cool again.

The 2000s Prom Updo

outdated beauty trends that are cool again
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Photo By @chrisappleton1/Instagram

The 2000s middle part updo is back messier and fancier than ever! No, you don’t have to shower your hair in hair spray and cover your head in bobby pins to replicate the infamous style. In 2019, we are keeping things chic and polished with face-framing middle part updos that take inspiration from the early aughts.

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