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On The Set of Naughty or Nice for Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

I was recently cast in a family film for the holidays aptly titled, “Naughty or Nice”. This film will air on the Hallmark Channel November 24th and, according to director, David Mackay, it is a wonderful film your whole family will love for many years to come.


While on set, I had the opportunity to speak to key makeup artist, Christine Choi about the new fall 2012 makeup trends. She told me, “Dazzle into blue based red lipsticks this fall with a sleek retro cat-eye liner.”
I couldn’t agree with her more as we have been seeing a lot of retro cat-eyeliner and stiletto eyeliner this year on both the red carpet and the runway.


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Christine also gave us some insight into the makeup she created for Naughty or Nice. Since most film is now shot in High Definition, there is more room for error and for unsightly flaws and blemishes to show. To look flawless on HD, Christine said, “I
used MAC pro’s HD Silicone Based airbrush on the lead talent, Hilarie Burton, for her character. HD airbrush makeup is typically used for HD cameras on TV and Film. HD camera doesn’t require dramatic makeup applications. With old television, even if the makeup was thick in person, as long as it looked flawless on camera, that was more important. Now with the new HD technology, not only does the makeup have to be flawless on camera, it has to be just as flawless in person. The tiniest imperfections can be enlarged on HD. This is where HD makeup comes in. HD makeup reflect light under HD camera lighting and creates the most flawless and natural result.

And Christine’s makeup department created special effects makeup for Santa Claus in Naughty or Nice. Christine told me, “Googy Gress was our real Santa Claus and he did not have a beard. My makeup department and I created the most realistic beard by laying crepe wool piece by piece directly to his skin.


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This holiday season skin will be exposed to harsher, drier climates. I asked Christine what she recommended for colder, cooler weather. She espoused words of wisdom, “Flawless makeup starts with beautiful skin. Without the proper skincare and preparation, your makeup won’t give you the result that you want. It’s extremely important to treat and care for your skin on a daily basis. Always make sure to keep your skin hydrated – that means every skin type. People with oily skin think their skin doesn’t need any moisture but there is a difference between oil and hydration. I love Kiehl’s skincare line for all skin types and I’m big on cruelty-free products.
Kiehl’s Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer is great for oily-prone skin.

Kiehl’s Ulftra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is great for dry – combination skin or Ultra Facial Cream. It’s extremely important to have sunscreen on during the day and moisturize before you go to bed. Your skin goes through environmental damages throughout the day including sun exposure so it’s crucial to treat your skin so that it can repair itself overnight. Also, make sure to exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells which can leave your skin very rough and dull.


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Candace with David Mackay

So, there you have it, fall beauty tips from makeup artist to the stars, Christine Choi!
And don’t forget to tune in on November 24th on the Hallmark Channel for the holiday classic, Naughty or Nice!


Check out Christine’s website here:

And watch a preview of Naughty or Nice on the Hallmark Channel:


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