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On the Runway with Stella McCartney at Paris Fashion Week!

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See Stella’s modern interpretation of classic and timeless pieces at Paris Fashion Week!

Stella McCartney shined brightly at Paris Fashion Week by showing everyone that ethical, sustainable fashion is the direction the industry is headed in.
Even from the beginning, compostable invites were sent out with a pair of socks that were made from up-cycled materials.

In fact, there was no fur, feathers or any other animal material used in her fashion.
Her vision also included incorporating sustainable and non-toxic materials into her designs.

This week, she showcased classic and timeless pieces with a modern edge.
These pieces included dresses that were flipped inside out to expose their seams and darts and a coat with its lining becoming a dress!

Let’s take a look at her fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection that takes animal-free fashion to a new level of style and practicality.


Faux fur is as luxurious as real fur. Stella is committed to using only sustainable fabrics and non-animal fur.
She has been a leader in the forefront of fashion to bring awareness to compassionate and ethical clothing.

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