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On the Bright Side with Neon Colors

During this Spring/Summer season, look for a flood of bright colors to surge into the clothing scene. Think 80’s/90’s with an updated twist….and a little more class, of course! Palettes consisting of neon greens, pinks, oranges and blues will bring us back to the future. Bold, bright, and fresh jewel-tone colors will also make a comeback in an updated way with rich yet bright yellows, blues, purples, and fuchsia. It’s gonna be a bright Spring/Summer 2012! The question is, how do you wear these new trendy colors without looking like a 15 year old? Let me give you some ideas on how you can bring this trend into your wardrobe.

1.) Choose 1-2 bright colors from this season’s palette and layer it with neutral colors such as white, beige or black. This will help ground your look while making the colors pop.

2.) Update your accessories. Choose something you wouldn’t normally go for (think early 90s) and use it as the focal point for your outfit. Even a white tank and jeans shorts can look up to date when the right accessories are thrown over it.

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3.) Find fun, expressive prints that includes neons or bold jewel tones. Look for crazy floral patterns and funky tribal patterns. Throw this on with jeans and a blazer and you will look season appropriate without looking seventeen again.

You can do it!! Remember bold is beautiful!


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