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Obstacles that Female Athletes Overcome that Make Them the Strongest Players

Women’s sports tend to get the short end of the stick. Our society prefers male sports leagues over their female counterparts. But while male athletes tend to get most of the praise, female athletes have proven time and time again that they really bring so much to the table. Female players face many more challenges than male athletes, making them the strongest players inside and out having to fight and overcome trial after trial. The following are just a few of the challenges faced by female athletes. So, next time you are checking out your sports news updates on reliable sites such as parimatch news, be sure to pay attention to the articles related to female athletes, too.

Maintaining an Image is Harder on Women

Male sports players are usually acknowledged as being bulkier and more muscular than normal men. This is known and accepted across the board. However, female athletes are generally encouraged to be slimmer and leaner. There have been cases across the board where female athletes have spoken out and said that their managers and sponsors have encouraged them to lose weight or they will pull out of their team. This hard push really does damage one’s ego and mental health being forced to look a certain way or losing their career. While this could happen with men, it’s been brought up much more by female athletes. Society expects females in the limelight to look a certain way, and while the body is an athlete’s tool, she is forced with even more pressure to maintain an image that may not be natural to her body’s shape.

That Time of the Month

It’s something that we don’t like to address as a society, but our time of the month can affect our physical activity. While there is limited research and knowledge currently out there on the pill and how it affects one’s menstrual cycle, it is thought that the pill also affects one’s performance, too. When we start our time of the month, we fluctuate in estrogen and progesterone which changes our body temperature and tampers with our muscle’s ability to produce force. While taking the pill can help us to manipulate our cycles to fit into our training and competition schedules, this is another element that comes into factor with women’s athletics that doesn’t affect men.

Lack of Promotion and Funding

It’s been proven that women’s sports are not promoted the same way that men’s sports are. You don’t turn on the TV and instantly see dozens of channels flooded with women’s sports. It might even be hard to find one channel discussing it. The lack of promotion keeps viewers of these sports down. This makes it harder for women’s sports to get funding and sponsors. So, women’s leagues are always fighting to find sponsors while men’s leagues tend to find sponsors much more easily.

All in all, women’s sports leagues can be just as exciting as men’s sports. And female athletes are not only just as talented as men, but they have to face much more daunting obstacles to have similar careers. So, female athletes are really heroes. They overcome very rough situations and come out on top time and time again!

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