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Nutritional Supplements for Healthy Hair

Regenix is proud to announce its new line of Nutritional Supplements. They are developed to have a synergistic effect when used with a Regenix Treatment Program, maximizing your potential for strong, healthy hair.

When problems of impacted sebum and buildup exist within hair follicles, nutrient absorption is hampered. This condition interferes with good nutrition as it relates to healthy hair. The Regenix treatment program is designed to eliminate the buildup within hair follicles, and enhance nutrient absorption into the Papillary Matrix. We have designed the Regenix Nutritional Supplements as part of the overall Regenix plan to achieve the strongest, healthiest hair possible. Regenix Nutritional Supplements create a higher nutrient content in the blood stream. The nutrients are then delivered to the scalp more readily, and are absorbed more efficiently as the Regenix treatments take effect. It becomes one more way to provide you with better hair!


A vital nutrient necessary for strong, healthy hair. The B-Complex supplement is especially effective compensating for the nutrient depleting effects of stress.

Amino Acids:

Designed to help break down and assimilate the nutrition from the food you eat.

Saw Palmetto for Men:

This natural herbal supplement will help to inhibit the systemic formation of DHT. Saw Palmetto will also act as a preventative measure for potential Prostate problems.

Iron for Women:

We recommend our iron supplement as recent research on hair loss in women concluded that about 75% of the women in the study who were losing hair, were also low in iron.

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