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Nourish Your Skin with DHC’s new Kakonjuka Cream

This year, DHC is launching a brand new line of skincare, The Kakonjuka Collection. This top-of-the-line skincare will launch on March 1st of this year. As you might know, Japanese and Korean skincare products are the new rage right now. Kakonjuka means “flower, root, tree, fruit” in Japanese and this line fighting super moisturizer is made with six Japanese and Korean botanical plant extracts: maitake mushroom, platycara strobilacea, licorice leaf, great burnet, purslane and reishi mushroom.

To break it down in layman’s terms, maitake mushroom contains beta-glucan which fights fine lines and wrinkles. Platycara stobilacea is a source of ellagic acid which promotes your own collagen. Licorice leaf firms
and tones your skin. Great burnet contans saponins which are an antioxidant. Purslane is a source of omega-3 which soothes your skin. And Reishi mushroom also contains beta-glucan to soothe your skin.

In a nutshell: this cream contains a bunch of all-natural, organic ingredients that will make your skin look amazing!


Upon opening this cream, I noticed it is slightly mushroom in color. It is super creamy and hydrating. There is no discernable scent; like all DHC products, this cream is free of added color or fragrance. Basically, what you see if what you get: a natural smelling and natural looking product.
This is a perfect product for the harsher climate of winter because it boosts hydration. I also love the way my skin feels velvety soft afterwards. I use this product on my decollete area and hands as well. And it is very portable, so I’ll take it with me in my carry on next week when I fly to New York.

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To try DHC’s Kakonjunka Cream, remember the launch date is March 1st!
If you’re like me, you can hardly wait to try this entire line of skincare!

Visit their official You Tube Channel!

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