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Nordstrom Will Soon be Truly Size-Inclusive

All sizes are celebrated at Nordstrom!

Today, customers expect more from their shopping experience. And this includes offering up a range of sizes.
Tricia Smith, EVP of Womens’ Apparel at Nordstrom said to Glossy, “Our customers haven’t been satisfied with the choices on the size spectrum, and they have more choices today overall. They expect more from retailers. If we’re really, truly focused and committed to taking care of our customers, we have to change the practices that don’t allow us to do that. Sizing is one of them.”

Nordstrom first embraced the size spectrum in 2016.
They launched Khloe Kardashian’s “Good American” brand which included a size range of 00 to 24.
This was a pivotal point in offering customers more choices when it came to size.

Flash forward to 2018, Nordstrom is now encouraging their brands to add more sizes.
Retailers now know that the plus-size demographic is a $22 billion industry and it is growing by 6 percent a year.
This is double the rate of the apparel industry overall.
As a result, Nordstrom intends to include a wide size range for women of all sizes and body shapes.

What else is Nordstrom doing to reflect this in its stores? Well, first off it is changing their mannequins to will represent sizes 2 to size 12 in its stores.
It will also be adding signage that will let customers know when a brand will carry more sizes.

Nordstrom’s goal is for all women’s clothing brands that it carries to offer sizes 00 to 24 within the next two years.

Smith went on to say, “We need to show a diverse size range of models in all our materials, and where we can call out extended size ranges, we do. We want to create visibility to those brands on the website and in stores, and this is about trying to make sure our message comes through consistently on
all touch points. This is a new representation for us, and the more it shows up, the more the customer will have confidence in our brands and in shopping with us.”

Marie Denee, executive producer at the plus size fashion expo, TCFStyle, said, “I think the customer has shown that dipping your toe in this industry isn’t enough. It’s not going to work if you’re just showing up with the most basic of your offering, if you don’t merchandise for her and if you don’t want make her look alluring. Retailers do this, then wonder why sales aren’t moving.”

Smith said that most of their brands have been open to embracing the size spectrum. However, some have not. So, she is hoping Nordstrom will be able to make their two-year goal, but no matter what, she believes they are making progress in the right direction.

She said, “Brands just have to commit themselves to doing this, and they have to make that choice. We’re providing as much as we can, and we have patience, but for our brand to be truly relevant to our customer, we really want all of the brands we carry to be more size-inclusive. It may take them a while to get there, but you have to draw the line at some point and say, ‘Listen. This is what you need to be today to be an important brand to us.”

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