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No More Chick Shredding: Germany Takes Step Forward Against Animal Cruelty

This week, Germany made great headway in the fight against animal cruelty. It will be the first country in the world to no longer use chick shredding machines to grind up live baby chicks that are considered unusable by the egg industry.

Many have never even heard of chick disposal. In fact, most people have no idea what is really happening in this industry. Sadly, if you imagine chickens running happily on a farm, scratching in the dirt for seeds, you are sorely mistaken. The commercial chicken and egg industry is far more somber. Did you know that all male chicks are either suffocated or ground up alive in machines because they can’t lay eggs and are not suitable for meat? Half of all chickens born are male, so that means millions of male chickens are killed annually.
Approximately 45 million male chicks were born in Germany’s egg industry last year alone. The number becomes staggering when you multiply this amount worldwide.

Instead, Germany is looking to use new technology that determines the sex of each fertilized egg before a chick develops.
They will only allow the female eggs to hatch.
And although it is ideal that no chickens are raised for the commercial meat or egg industry, this is a kinder alternative.

Outlawing chicken grinders will end the unnecessary slaughter and suffering of millions of male chicks worldwide. If Germany is able to do this, why can’t the rest of the world follow suit?



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