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The “No Makeup” Makeup

This look is for those who are tired of the Instagram trend of heavy brows and even heavier contouring, dark lipstick, and intense highlighters. Set your own trend this spring and use a lighter touch. Even though every woman knows to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look, you’re going to need makeup we make it easy to achieve in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1: BB Cream versus Foundation

Choosing a BB cream over foundation is perfect for those ever increasing warm days. BB cream is great because it is a beauty balm (BB, get it now?) that is intended to even out skin tone and correct any blemishes. BB creams also have SPF, which is a daily essential in any beauty routine. Foundation cannot only feel heavy, but on warm days can start to look cake like and feel uncomfortable.

Step 2: Skip the highlight and contouring

Contouring your face is fun. It’s an easy and affordable way to change the shape of your face at home without any major or permanent fixes. But the “no makeup” makeup look is all about embracing your natural facial shape and beauty. The only highlighter you should be using with this look is the natural sheen from a sweat or natural oils on your face. Avoid getting too greasy though and keep a pack of oil blotting sheets in your bag.

Step 3: Skip the dark lipstick

It’s easy to forget the lips with this look, but when you do that your lips have a tendency to get lost in your face. Instead of a dark, matte lipstick try using a natural colored lip balm or gloss on your lips. The beauty of a lip balm, like the Rosebud Salve, is that it is super moisturizing, is safe to be used on your face, skin, hands, and it’s super affordable. Save the dark, matte lips for an evening occasion and treat your lips during the day with a moisturizing balm or salve.

Step 4: Groom your brows

If your face were a painting, your eyebrows would be the picture frame. To keep this look chic and not sloppy, well-groomed brows are essential. Brush your brows daily and make sure that they are shaped nicely to match your facial features and shape. Perfectly filled in brows is all the rage, but that’s not necessary for this look. If you’re worried about brows looking sparse or thin, you can lightly fill them in with a brow pencil that matches your hair color.

Step 5: Less Eyeliner

If smoky black eyes have been your signature look, maybe it’s time to try something new and let the world see a softer side of you. Try using lighter colors like soft browns and nudes instead of grays and blacks. If you cannot live without lining your eyes, try a soft brown pencil instead of charcoal black. Wearing softer colors won’t take away any of your edge. You’ll still be able to kick-butt and take names even in “no makeup” makeup.

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