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No Heat, No Sweat Hair Style for Summer!

Take the heat out of styling your hair this summer!

Summer is officially here and that means hot and humid weather for most. The heat is too hot for hair. One of the most frustrating things is trying to style your hair with curling irons or rollers that cause you to sweat and swelter!

ICYDK, you can style your hair without using heat effortlessly and with ease. No more hot bathrooms or apartments that will make you sweat your makeup off! Instead, why not try a stylish banana bun, octopus bun or top knot?

By using these new combs and accessories you’ll create brand new styles that are ideal for the season!

NEW! Revlon® Perfect Style Thick and Curly Combs
(, 2 pc comb set for $4.99) If you love your curls, but don’t want to use a curling iron this season, keep them bouncy with the two-piece Revlon Perfect Style Thick and Curly Combs! You can detangle your hair with the long curved teeth comb. And the hair pick comb adds volume!


NEW! Revlon Essential Coil Elastics
(4 pc for $4.99, Revlon Essentials Coil Elastics and Revlon Essentials Silicone Elastics won’t damage your hair when you put it in an updo. These elastics will hold your hair gently, but will lock your style in place!


NEW! Revlon Silicone Elastics (MSRP: 4/$4.99) For extra grip and hold, these silicone elastics provide strength to keep your style in place. And the nylon elastics around it make certain your hair doesn’t get damaged!



NEW! Revlon® Essentials Steel Pin Brush
(, $5.99) This brush can go through even the most difficult hair. And it is ideal for detangling the thickest and curliest hair, yet it is gentle enough for extensions and weaves! The result, hair that is silky soft and oh so shiny!




Hollywood’s Hottest Hairstyle Trends Just for You!






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