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Nine Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

It is impossible to find any woman who would be indifferent to stylish and bright jewelry. Accessories can emphasize the taste of their owner and add zest to her image. So that you don’t get lost in numerous bracelets, necklaces, and rings, we’ve compiled a list of jewelry that every woman should have in her collection.

Some jewelry suits everyone! It makes any woman more visually attractive and seductive. It suits both blondes and brunettes, the skinny and the healthy, etc.

Earrings With Frivolous Design

Flowers, butterflies, plant ornaments, droplets, and hearts become most relevant in the warm season. Jewelry with colored enamel looks beautiful against the background of the bright colors of the blooming nature. When it’s warm outside, and there is no need to hide in hoods and hats, girls have more opportunities for creativity in terms of creating new hairstyles. 

In spring and summer, we wear headbands and hairpins more often and do new hairstyles, which leads us to focus our attention on the earrings. In the warm season, we need to have a lot of earrings to find a suitable pair for a certain outfit easily. And in the summertime, jewelry pieces made of precious metals are topical. Earrings are indispensable during vacations and can be worn even when one is swimming in the sea.

Earrings can be gold, silver, etc. They come in different shapes and are sold in countless stores. Stud earrings, leverback earrings, halo earrings, and other types give you infinite space to experiment. Prices also vary: some earrings cost as a big apartment, while some are more affordable — take these Moissanite stud earrings, for example.

Rings With Bright Stones

The delicacy of blue topaz, the fruity ripeness of purple amethyst, the rich red of pomegranate, and the citrusy freshness of green chrysolite — rings with semi-precious stones are a great way to cheer yourself up on any day and in any weather. Juicy, bright, appetizing, and eye-catching jewelry makes you and those around you admire yourself. 

Choose a ring with an inlay of your favorite color, or read about the characteristics of each stone to understand what stone is right for you, and buy the ring you like! It’s no less effective if the stone’s color in the ring is the same as the color of your eyes or lips, for example.

Summer Charms for a Set Bracelet

Summer is a very special time, and charms at this time should be special too — bright, cheerful, “delicious,” and fun! All that first comes to mind when you think about summer (the sun, sea, flowers, ice cream, etc.) should be in your set bracelet! Summer-themed charms charge their owner with positive energy and set the right mood for the whole summer!

Pendant With a Warm Season Mood

Anchors, sea creatures, sun, butterflies, flower buds, monkeys, snakes, and much more… Open blouses and dresses with deep necklines require a neckpiece. What neckpiece to choose is up to you. A pendant bought in early summer will have emotional significance for you in the future. Things can store energy, including the energy of events, especially natural gemstones and precious metals.

Ceramic Jewelry

Lightweight, weightless, interestingly designed ceramic jewelry can set you apart from the crowd and emphasize your individuality. Rings and earrings made of ceramics can perfectly complement your black, white, and bright summer clothes. Black jewelry is perfect with yellow and poisonous pink details of your closet, and white ceramics wonderfully harmonizes with things of gentle pastel shades.

Bracelet With an Unusual Shape

With each new day, the sleeves on girls’ clothes are getting shorter, giving more room to various bracelets. In winter, bracelets are not very convenient to wear — they cling to clothes, tear them, or cause discomfort. However, bracelets have absolutely no obstacles in spring and summer. That is why spring and summer bracelets are recommended to wear in various shapes and types: hard, soft, leather, rubber, etc.

An Extraordinary Necklace

Instead of a usual chain for the summer, you can buy a gold or silver necklace that does not even need a pendant, as it has quite an interesting design by itself.

Or buy another suitable option — a necklace made of pearls. A string of pearl beads is a versatile option that will look good with any outfit, whether a little black dress, a business suit or a warm angora sweater. In addition to the timeless classics in the form of pearls, you should pay attention to the novelties — this season, you will need a plastron necklace decorated with stones and rhinestones. They are best used for going out in evening dresses or elegant business suits.

Bright Costume Jewelry

Summer costume jewelry looks like a toy that you want to play with. Of course, such jewelry is difficult to call universal, and it suits only a certain style of clothing — sports summer clothing. However, such jewelry pieces have their unique optimistic mood appropriate with short summer skirts or shorts and sandals on a high platform.


Brooches are no longer associated with things from grandmother’s coffer because now they are all the rage. It is unnecessary to limit yourself when you wear stylish brooches — you can pin several on a jacket or a dress! This season, the hottest brooches boast the shape of an eye, beautiful flowers, insects (for example, a scarab beetle or a butterfly), military-style brooches, and different vintage accessories. 

It is unnecessary to buy all novelties at once, but we recommend having a pair of beautiful brooches for every day. Of course, one should wear such jewelry with appropriate clothes. After all, a military-style brooch won’t look good with a cocktail dress but will look beautiful with a strict tuxedo or jacket.


Today it is impossible to imagine our life without jewelry. These accessories are created to please yourself and others, improve your mood, look stylish, and create different images. This summer is another opportunity to create your unique image. 


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