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Nikki Sharp on her 5-Day Detox: “This Plan is Good for Everyone”

Over the last year, VIVA GLAM readers have gotten to know Nikki Sharp well through the recipes she has shared with us. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on her.

Nikki Sharp is an internationally-known Wellness Expert, Lifestyle Blogger, and Health Coach. She released her first book, 5-Day Real Food Detox, earlier this year to rave reviews. She is also currently one of the most followed wellness accounts on Instagram with over 300K followers and has been featured in many media outlets from Access Hollywood to Elle Magazine.

We wanted our readers to learn more about her incredible book so we asked Nikki in detail about why it will work for you. We also asked about her journey from being a model to becoming a
wellness expert and what she’s working on now.

Q&A with Nikki Sharp


What is the biggest problem people face when they start a detox?

I’ve found that people tend to believe that detoxing must involve doing a juice cleanse, smoothie cleanse, or only consuming soups. While these are all good supplements, they are things that will leave you craving chewing, hangry, and not lead to continued weight loss or consistent results after you finish.

Why does your detox plan work better than others?

Because you see better results, plain and simple. Other cleanses will leave you feel so hungry that you overeat once you finish, or super low on energy while you’re on it; or they are only raw, which a lot of people cannot digest only raw food. My plan promotes eating real food, paired in ways that will have you seeing a bigger weight loss than juicing, you’ll have energy to workout, and you will be able to maintain the results once you finish, unlike other plans.

What’s your favorite recipe from the book?

This is a hard one because I always say that the pancakes are my favorite when I have them, then I’ll have the oatmeal and I say that’s my favorite, the same as the sushi, and roasted red pepper. But in general one of my newer favorites is the Taco Bowl, and that’s because it’s an exclusive recipe to the book (you can’t find it on the app), and it is so hearty and almost unbelievable that it’s a detoxing meal!

Who can benefit most from your book?

Everyone! That’s the great thing about this plan- it is good for everyone. I’ve had people as young as 12 do it with their parents, and as old as 70. I’ve found that as long as you’re ready to eat delicious food and want to see some incredible results, this plan will be great for you.

What are your favorite foods and spices for detoxing for any day, not just during your detox?

I personally use turmeric everyday for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects. I love adding it to lemon water in the morning. I also enjoy having cayenne in my salad dressings, and I always put cilantro or basil on everything. These are my staples. Oh- and cinnamon! I always add this to my coffee, oatmeal, and smoothies.


When did you first realize that you wanted to help others live a healthier lifestyle?

In 2012, I was modeling internationally and realized that I just didn’t have the energy I wanted to, and wasn’t feeling good about my skin or body. I took one month off where I learned to cook my meals, exercised everyday, and got in nature and it transformed me. From then on I started an Instagram account to create motivational content for myself and others took notice. I realized that I truly was meant to be doing this when people from all over the world starting asking me health and wellness questions and genuinely wanted my advice.

What are your go-to foods when traveling or snacking on the go?

Simple things like raw almonds, a banana, and water, which you can find in almost every airport and gas station across America. If I have a bit more time to plan, I always try to bring my own pre-made salads with me on flights, and 70% dark chocolate. We typically mistake hunger for thirst, so it’s very important to keep super hydrated when you are on the go.

What’s next for your career? Another book? Speaking engagements?

I’m so excited as I’m just beginning my next book, which will come out summer 2017. I’m starting to venture more into speaking engagements and have some great gigs coming up, as well as leading a retreat in the Cayman Islands in January, which is all about the 5-Day Detox!

You can buy 5-Day Real Food Detox on Amazon, Barnes n Noble, Indie Bound, or even on iBooks!

You can see more of her recipes on VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE,

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