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Nihao Jewelry: A Commentary for Jewelry Lovers Like You

If you are wondering where to look for quality jewelry with modern, unique detailed designs yet affordable, then this post is for you. Not only do they manufacture pieces of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and rings, but they also have watches, bags, and other materials perfect for women’s fashion. Yes, an all-in-one manufacturing company that is not only dedicated to creating trendy accessories but also affordable, which is amazing.

Here is the Nihao Jewelry review: a fashioned jewelry wholesale to learn more and discover the truth behind them.

Nihao Jewelry: Learning and Discovering

To give background, the company is founded in 2013 with a focus on becoming a reliable manufacturing company and a supplier of women’s fashion jewelry. With many experiences in fashion jewelry wholesale, they had their own factory for manufacturing and packaging, and delivering items.

As the company continues to succeed in this industry, they continually aim to produce products of high quality. To do this, they ensure that all items undergo quality testing following the standard manufacturing process determined by their inspector.

Quality Products: Nihao Jewelry Expertise

Now, to know more about them, here are some well know products that can be purchased in them.

1. Geometric Design Hair Claw Clips

Not only does it gives a classic yet sturdy look because of the metal materials it is made from with a touch of gold colors, but these clips have a fun and trendy look. All geometric shapes mixing lines, curves, and shapes add to its effortless beauty, adding stunning effects to the users without extravagantly. And of course, it’s very affordable as prices range between $0.80 – $1.07.

2. Constellation Necklace

Whether science or history, people have always been fascinated with constellations. Its unique names and shape have given meaning close to our hearts. And how to make it closer to you? It is through a necklace. For a price of $2.60, especially patterned constellations made from metal with gold embellishments can be purchased. All 12 constellations are present, so you don’t have to worry about thinking yours will not be there.

3. Butterfly Scrunchies

Aiming to look cute and girly? Then this one is for you. With these scrunches printed with different colored butterflies, the cuteness will still be there no matter what hairstyle you do. The scrunchie is made from semitransparent clothing, which helps the printed butterfly to be vividly recognized. For $0.69, you can get this colorful butterfly hair scrunchie.

4. Beach Anklet

To partner with your butterfly scrunchie, you can get this beach anklet with a butterfly pendant. This way, from head to toe, you look magical. This $0.67 metal alloy chain anklet with butterfly pendant has three shades: pink, purple, and blue.

Business and Partnership: How to with Nihao Jewelry

You have the chance to have a partnership with Nihao Jewelry and maximize the quality and affordable products they sell. To point out, make sure you have the economic and marketing means.

Here you have three ways to earn money using this product.

Nihao Jewelry Resell

This is the first way and the most common option. Purchase different jewelry from the shop. The bigger the quantity of your order, the more significant your discounts can be. Then, you can sell it to your own website and do some packaging aligned with your brand. Here, you have control over when and where to ship the product purchased by your customers.

Nihao Jewelry Dropshipping

Now, if you don’t have the economic capacity, then this second option is for you. When your client purchases a product on your website, this is the time you purchase their items on the Nihao Dropshipping website(Their new website for dropshippers). The good thing about this is that you don’t need to spend time and effort on the packaging, as items from the factory will be directly sent to your customer’s address.

Why Choose Nihao Jewelry?

There are many reasons why you should choose Nihao Jewelry as your manufacturer. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from:

1. Quality Product

As the company aims for quality, it ensures that each item they produce is of good quality as they strictly follow manufacturing steps and control.

2. Affordable Prizes

The prizes of the items are affordable, which is business friendly. Furthermore, if you order in bulk, prizes are reduced as wholesale. It is economically suitable for people who wish to start a business.

3. New Weekly Items

Not only do they focus on quality but also put great emphasis on designs. With this, they make sure to create new designs and upload them on the website. With this, customers will always be excited about the new arrivals.

4. Discounts

Not only do they reduce their prices to wholesale when you purchase in bulk, but they also offer discounts and coupons, which helps you more.

5. Opportunity to Earn

As mentioned above, you can resell, or dropship the products to earn money. In addition, they are not forcing clients to use their brand names. In short, they offer full permission to resell their products.

6. Convenience

An average of ten to twelve days are given for packaging and shipping, which is considered fast considering the manufacturer’s location.

Clientele Reviews and Ratings

To show the company’s reality and back up the good claims mentioned in this article, here are the consolidated rating and reviews from their sites and other sites. We gathered as much as we could with variety to ensure accuracy and not to be biased.

Nihao Jewelry Comment Sections

Here are some reviews and ratings on the company’s website.

1. Awesome and Great.

2. Good Quality and Fast Shipping.

3. Great, Amazing, and Loved.

Now, if you’re doubtful since the company controls its website, I found some ratings on other sites where the company has no access. These are:


On this site, the company is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 for trust and reseller. Moreover, a 4.8 rating for quality, value, service, and shipping is present. Some of the company reviews are as follows:

Great choices and parcels are trackable. Not lost. – Sofia L.

Quality Merchandise – TC R.

Great products and Amazing Customer Service – Monica S.


Similarly, on this site. The company also receives a 4.8 out of 5 rating, where ninety percent of the raters have chosen the excellent option review. Here are some of the reviews in here.

Helpful to my small business boutique. – Marilyn Mccauley

A very trusted company I met. – Yaw Dwemfour

As you can see, there is a commonality between these reviews. Surely, it is proof that Nihao Jewelry has lived up to its name and promises. With this fashion jewelry wholesale review, it is recommendable with all the suitable flags they show.

Now, you can browse to their, add to your cart the items you love, and purchase them. Surely within ten days, you will experience the greatness of the items, all thanks to this excellent and trustworthy company, Nihao Jewelry.

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