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Nick Carter Talks “All American”, “DWTS”, and Fitness Kitchen LA

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What can we expect to see and hear on your upcoming solo tour? A mix of your songs from all three of your albums? Maybe some Nick and Knight tracks, sans Jordan?

The good thing about that is I have a lot of different songs I can choose from: Nick and Knight, Backstreet Boys, the new album. It’s going to be a mixture of dancing, singing, rocking out, playing guitar, serenading [the fans], just an overall touch on everything. [It will be] an all-out fun concert that will have some hits from the past from the Backstreet Boys to the stuff I do as a solo artist.

A lot of people mistakenly believe the Backstreet Boys disbanded and just recently started to tour again. BSB fans know you guys never disbanded. How do you handle people and critics who haven’t seen your musical style evolve over the years and expect to still hear the style of “Millennium”?

As an individual, I can do what I want to do. I can just cater to my fans. But as a group, we just focus on what we do. There are people who have stayed strong with us and have not faltered and they’ve experienced amazing concerts that we’ve done and new music that’s continuously coming out. As far as the public goes and the critics, we learned a long time ago that we really can’t make them happy. People are nostalgic and we take care of the nostalgia during our concerts. We play for people what they want. But right now, after my solo record, we’re still recording another album, so we’re good to go!

Besides the new album and plans to go on tour and back into the studio, do you have any other upcoming projects in 2016?

Before “Dancing with the Stars”, I filmed a zombie movie. I got all of my buddies from *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, O-Town, all of the boys bands are in it. It’ll be coming out exclusively on Syfy at the beginning of next year!

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