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The Nice Cream Recipe That Dreams Are Made Of

“It’s a cool, cool summer,”
said no one! With the heat waves, humidity and sweat alert on high, a sweet frozen treat is perfect for actually cooling off. Nice cream is a huge hit in the vegan community, and if it hasn’t crossed your lips you
are surely missing out. Nice cream is the perfect combination of a frozen and guilt-free treat. It is made out of only frozen bananas. What a shocking revelation compared to all the ingredients in normal ice cream. The best part about nice cream is that any flavor desired is left in the bakers’ hands. Experimenting with fun new nice cream recipes can leave you with a tasty dessert, or a bit of a science experiment, depending on the approach. This recipe is an easy, quick, and tasty one that is sure to be refreshing.

Cool Mint Nice Cream Recipe


Freeze three to five peeled bananas.

The bananas will need about a day to freeze, so popping them in the freezer overnight works very well.

Pick about 10 to 15 mint leaves from the garden, or opt for peppermint Stevia drops.

Cut up the mint leaves as finely as possible.

Cut up the frozen bananas into thin circles.

Once they are cut, toss the bananas into the food processor an, add the mint leaves or stevia drops.

Stevia drops can be strong. With that in mind, use the amount
desired. A suggestion for the amount of stevia drops would be two to three drops.

Optional: If you’re craving some nutrition in your nice cream, add a handful of spinach. The fun part about spinach is that it will also make it look green, like mint ice cream!

Blend all ingredients into the food processor until a thick creamy ice cream consistency is reached.

Eat the nice cream right away because melted nice cream doesn’t taste the same.

Some Advice:

    • Always have about ten frozen peeled bananas in the fridge; it makes life easier.
    • The bananas are cold to cut up, and the hands cutting it will get cold. So, pre- cut the bananas and freeze them if you’re worried this may be an issue.
    • Having to stop the food processor and scrape the sides will probably happen. Don’t worry, it’s normal.
  • Mint is not everyone’s favorite, which is why there are an endless amount of flavors to test out.


For more variety, try adding 2 tbsp. of a nut butter or a fruit. Any fruit choice would do. You can also add a favorite topping to give the nice cream a little more variety.

If the nice cream is made correctly, it is sure to spark its creator’s palette. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious nice cream, and be prepared to become addicted to this frozen, delectable treat.

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