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New Year Hair Guide: Going Back to Your Roots for 2020

Yes, we hear you loud and clear. The new year is all about becoming a new person. We aren’t here to stop you from reaching new heights in personal development. Strive, be alive, and keep being authentic for the 2020 year. 

When it comes to your hair, however, maybe it’s time to go back to your roots (literally and figuratively). If you’ve been coloring, cutting, or changing your hair through the years, you know how damaged it has become. New hairstyles are a great way to start the year, but it’s also excellent to start the year by helping your hair grow healthy and happy again. 

The Initial Consultation 

Before taking any drastic measures, you want to set up an initial consultation with a local stylist. The process of getting back to your roots can vary depending on how far your coloring journey has taken you.

If you’ve got a few highlights, you might be able to get away with letting the look fade naturally. If you’ve gone from darker to lighter, you can slowly ease into the process of getting back to your roots.

Melbourne CBD hairdressers Rakis on Collins recommends a series of gradual color sessions to match the current color to your roots. If you have long locks, you might also be able to get away with an ombre look. A consultation will help you determine the best route going forward.

Making the Cut

Eventually, you’ll need to cut those damaged locks. In this stage, you can say goodbye to your dyed, damaged, and unsuitable hair. It’s time to step into yourself by embracing your natural hair. 

While your stylist clips away, you will probably go through the seven stages of grief. Shock and denial happen as your legs hit the pleather of the seat. Then you feel guilty for cutting off the hair you’ve worked on for so long. Near the end of the haircut, anger could arise from looking at your new locks. Many people become depressed for a bit before their upward spiral. 

Once you get through the swing of emotions, you’ll be on the happy end. You’ll love the new (old) hair and be ready to flaunt it. But don’t worry if this doesn’t happen for you right away—everyone grieves differently. 

Aftercare and What Not to Do

You’ve been through the trials, and now, you’re on the other end. You’ve embraced the new hair and are settling into life naturally. Before you relax, craft a new routine to maintain your hair. Even the best stylist can’t follow you and do your hair every day (unless you pay them excessively). 

Aftercare will be different for every hairstyle. The basics include using products right for your hair type, only dying your hair in a salon, and putting your hair up during bedtime. 

For specifics, your hairdresser can print you a cheat sheet and recommend products for you. 

New Year, Accepting You

Your hair is a significant part of you. As one of the first things that people notice, the ‘do’ shows your personality without needing words. The prospect of people judging you based on a hairstyle is daunting, huh? Dying, cutting, and styling helps take a lot of the nerves out of that judgment. Unfortunately, the more product and heat you apply to your hair, the easier it could be to ruin. That’s where a professional plays a vital role. 

Going to a hair salon and fixing the damage done to your hair doesn’t just have to be during the new year. You can go to the stylist whenever you feel like your hair is unhealthy. We recommend going if it helps you listen to your heart more often. 


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