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New Vegan Meat and Dairy Store Opens in Copenhagen

Naturli’ Foods, a plant-based food company that specializes in vegan deli meats, nutrition bars, ground beef, ice cream and more, just opened its first store in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The entire Naturli’ product line will be available at the flagship store, which includes over 40 items and the store is set to develop new items after receiving feedback from its customers.

The Danish branch launched in 1988, but it recently attracted worldwide attention with its 2018 launch into international grocery stores chains. Throughout the years, Naturli’ has worked on several plant-based products made from oats, rice, almonds, and soy, along with plenty of vegetables and other natural ingredients. Their products include a line of vegan meats, spreads, and ice creams and almond, oat, and soy beverages.

According to LIVEKINDLY, the company is also set on expanding beyond Denmark. First, there was Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK, which took on a number of its best-selling products, and Australia has also done it through Woolworths. Back in June, CEO Henrik Lund explained, “We are in a trial phase, and [we have] a lot of samples crossing the Atlantic. We hope sometime soon that we also can launch products in the States.”

In January, the brand debuted a Beyond Meat-like plant-based ground beef made with soy, wheat, almonds, mushrooms, beets, and tomatoes. The product was launched in 600 locations of Danish supermarket chain Dansk Supermarket and expanded to all 400 locations of Sainsbury’s in June. Stateside. What follows is the launch of more plant-based meat alternatives in the United States.

The market for vegan products is a fast-paced sector as companies are working on their own successful items and word spreads throughout all social media platforms. All over the world companies seem to be more invested in creating alternatives products with mass appeal in order to please the ever-growing demand for plant-based foods.

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