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New Trends in Extreme Lip Colors

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We all saw the transition away from safe, “common” colors in nail polish, but did you expect to see that same transition in lip color? What’s trendy today in terms of lip color is drastically different than the last decade… we’re talking major changes. How so? Pack up your nude, blush colored, pale pinks and deep velvet colors, and make room for the most beautiful, bold, and extreme lip colors!

Don’t Throw Out Your Classic

Before we continue with what’s current for this year and advise you on how to stay ahead of the lip color curve, we want to provide a bit of a disclaimer: bold, beautiful, fire engine red never goes out of style, so do not throw it away. Red is both dramatic and classy, and can be the perfect pop of color for anyone. Dress it up or dress it down, but classic red is a must have for any make up stash.


A subtle transition to wild and crazy can be found in the fuchsia lip color; think of it as a safe way to stay in style this fall. Not to be confused with the same hot pink you’d find on a Barbie car, this fuchsia is a deeper, darker “hot” color that closely resembles a purple, though can still be easily considered a bright pink.

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