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New Study Shows That More Than 3 Million Canadians are Vegetarian or Vegan

The Canadian food industry has undergone a transformation heavily associated not only with certain trends, but also to a strong desire among its population for a healthier and more environmentally-friendly nutrition.

A recent investigation conducted by Dalhousie University, argues that young Canadians are more likely to become vegetarians or vegans than previous generations. According to the study, there are 2.3 million vegetarians in Canada and 850,000 people consider themselves vegan, which means that vegetarians and vegans now account for nearly 10 percent of the country’s population, as reported by CTV News.

The study, led by Professor Sylvain Charlebois found that 7.1 percent of Canadians consider themselves as a vegetarian practitioner and 2.3 percent defined themselves as vegan.

The figures become more remarkable since, according to the research, for those who identify themselves as vegetarians or vegans under 35, triple the number of people in the “49 years and older” age group.

It has been estimated that the overall number of people who practice veganism/vegetarianism could increase in the next two decades, due to its popularity among young people.

The research determined that among the main reasons that lead young Canadians to follow vegan or vegetarian diets is the desire to reduce their carbon footprint that their food consumption leaves on the environment. They also worry about the welfare and proper treatment of animals, the industrialization of agriculture, and awareness about what is best for their personal health.

Women were 0.6 times more likely than men to practice veganism or vegetarianism. The trend is 3 times more popular among college students than those with only a high school education.

Veganism happened to be 3 times more rooted among the inhabitants of large cities, compared to those who live in small towns. The study showed that people in Ontario and British Columbia were more interested in vegetarian or vegan diets than those living in the Prairie, Quebec, or Atlantic provinces. It was determined that sixteen percent of the country’s vegetarians live in British Columbia. Sounds like we need to make another trip out to Vancouver!


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