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New Studies Show You Can Relieve Symptoms of PMS Easily with Diet

How many of us suffer each month with symptoms of PMS? New studies by the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service show that making a few simple changes to your diet will help you dramatically reduce these symptoms each month?

Bloating, anxiety, fatigue, craving, depression and weight gain are common symptoms of monthly PMS.
According to new scientific studies, foods such as wheat, sugar, dairy and caffeine increase symptoms of PMS.

To help modify and reduce these symptoms simply reduce your intake of sugar and junk foods that will cause water retention. Reduce your intake of salt that causes bloating. Decrease your caffeine intake that causes both insomnia and mood swings.

Instead, eat green vegetables, oats, barley, rye and buckwheat. And reduce dairy that can cause bloating.
By eating a wide range of leafy green vegetables and whole foods your diet can be the key to less PMS!

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