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Natalie Portman Says It’s Her & Dream to do a Vegan Cooking Show

Academy Award winner, Natalie Portman has been on the road promoting her newly released documentary “Eating Animals”, directed by Christopher Quinn, which she produced and narrated. During a Q&A, the award winning actress shared with the audience her new dream project: “I’ll share with you guys my dream,” she said, according to Indiewire. “It would be my dream to make one of those cooking shows, but only for vegan food. It could provide you with a starter kit if you want to be a vegan.” After talking about it , she looked through the audience and joked: “If anyone here wants to buy it, I’ll be taking offers in the lobby after this.”

During the Q&A, Natalie Portman discussed the film and talked about how the production team veered away from “too gruesome imagery”. The actress said, “We didn’t want shock and awe. We didn’t want to scare people away with too gruesome imagery. Even people who really devote their lives to this, it’s horrendous to watch cruelty to animals. What you see in the movie is the PG version of what exists out there.”
Also, Portman said to the public that her intentions were not to force everyone to accept veganism overnight; she was more interested in suggesting that non-vegans attempt to add one vegan meal to their weekly routine. “The thing I keep learning from people younger than me is that you don’t have to choose an identity,” Portman noted.
The “Annihilation” actress also talked about encouraging people to start reducing their consumption of animal products: “Binaries are not important anymore,” Portman said. “It’s important to see things on a continuum. Trying does a lot. If everyone tried a little bit, it would make a huge impact. It’s understandable that it’s very hard to change part of our story, how we eat – part of the story of our families, our nation, our religion, and our identity. I don’t expect anyone to be vegan tomorrow, but making small changes makes a big difference.”
The film is based on Jonathan Safran Coer’s book of the same name, and opened on Friday playing in a limited release in the US. It has been described as telling “the story of the beginning of the end of factory farming”.


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