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Is Your Nail Polish Toxic? The Five, Seven, and Eight-Free Brands You Should Know About

Should You be Worried?

Some people believe that the toxicity level in humans is mild and nothing to worry about. However, prolonged exposure is harmful as some of these compounds found in nail polish have been associated with reproductive problems in men and women. This surely is something to be worried about. TPP has been found to cause low sperm count as well as increase prolactin, which is a hormone linked to sexual problems in men.

An Occupational Hazard

While people who use nail polish occasionally have nothing to be worried about, those whose work is dealing with nails should be worried. Day to day exposure to these chemicals through contact or inhalation could lead to harmful effects later on.

It is very important to have these harmful toxins removed from the nail polish that manicurists use daily in their line of work. There have been campaigns that have focused on the removal of the toxic trio: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. The good news is that manufacturers are replacing dibutyl phthalate, which is a hormone disruptor with triphenyl phosphates.

Apart from those brands that have declared that they don’t use these toxins, many continue to include them in their nail polish. This shows that the level of toxicity will continue to rise unless they stop using them altogether.

What could help though is the government should push for regulated cosmetic products to ensure there are no endocrine disruptors or any other toxic chemicals in them. This is the only way to ensure the safety of nail polish and uphold health of its users. After all, they are looking to enhance their natural nails, not poison their bodies.


GUEST AUTHOR: Lynda Le from  

Lynda has 20 years of experience in the nail and beauty industry. In today’s post she shares how different levels of nail polish could be toxic. If you’re interested in learning more about nail and beauty visit Lynda Le at her personal blog Polish Perfect!


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