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PMS and How I Handle it

Gosh, it’s that time of the month that is not a woman’s favorite. Some of us get breakouts, our weight can fluctuate, you might get cramps, irritability, or even bloating. You might get all of the above, depending on your DNA. Some are lucky, but for the majority of women it is a monthly struggle.

When I was in my 20s, I heard of a shot that could stop your period. I thought this was the most incredible news ever until I learned that I developed pre-osteoporosis five years later. I learned that there is really no way to avoid your period in a healthy way.

What many women don’t know is that the hormonal changes in the body cause not only your monthly period, but also softening of the body on the whole. Your skin gets looser and is not as firm during these days. Your nails are more prone to breaking or chipping. Your hair becomes like Jello and it is harder to maintain a curl.

I always fear PMS right before my photo shoots or live appearances as I know I’m going to look bloated. My eyes will be puffy, my face will sag, and my hair will be limp. So I’ve learned to work with it instead of against it. Here are some useful tips you might welcome, not only if you are going to do a photoshoot, but also for everyday.

PMS Energy

Since I don’t like to pop pills, I rely on natural energy sources such as coffee or iced tea. I also try to eat less during this time so my body doesn’t use the little energy I have to break down food. The tricky thing is, when you have PMS, you end up craving all types of food. I don’t reject the food I’m craving; I just make certain I eat it in very small portions. After all, there is a reason why your body is asking for it.

PMS Skin

Fortunately, I don’t really get any significant breakout, but my skin does get loose, my pores get larger, and my under-eyes get puffy. During this time, I use moisturizer with a tightening boost that helps me to keep my skin firmer. For my eyes, I use de-puffing and gel-based eye products.
And I use thicker foundation that helps me to seal my enlarged pores. For nighttime, I use a hydrating moisturizer. I do this to catch up on the moisture lost during the day as the tightening components in products can be dehydrating.

PMS Hair

Since my hair gets limp during this time, I avoid using too much conditioner, especially at the roots of my hair. I also use more leave-in products such as root pump to help with the volume at the root. This way when I style my hair, these products will help me hold the shape of my hairstyle. If you are using heat, reduce it so it doesn’t damage your fragile hair.

PMS Body

If you are like me, you just want to put on the most comfortable sweatpants or jumpsuit and cuddle up on your warm couch. But unfortunately, we all have things to do and many times we still have to look our best. During this time, I avoid wearing anything tight around my waist.
Instead, I choose to wear an A-line-shaped outfit, whether it is a coat, dress or blouse. This style is always in and disguises bloating.
If the weather is appropriate, I like to wear hosiery to keep my body firm and to increase blood circulation.

PMS Focus

During PMS, my mind gets foggy and I become indecisive. This becomes difficult if I have to do public speaking or be at a meeting or events, which requires my focus. The key is to get more oxygen to my brain by increasing circulation. Wearing hosiery also helps (as mentioned above) as well as working out! So instead of getting too cozy, I become more active! This always helps with my focus.

PMS Attitude

My partner knows to stay away from me during these days because I turn into a *itch. It is something very hard to control and my last intentions are to be mean. I also become very emotional. I can’t even tell you how many times I hurt my friends’ feelings unintentionally by coming across as not loving. But fortunately I have good friends who understand. The key for me is to not plan any important meetings during this time or have to make major decisions. It doesn’t stop me from traveling, but definitely any decision-making needs to be put off until the fog is lifted and I’m able to make a conscious decision.

There is a saying, “if you can’t beat’, join’.” So since this time of the month is unavoidable, embrace this part of womanhood because this is what makes us different from men. It leads to motherhood where you will enjoy your children and grandchildren. And this price to pay is worth all of these joyful life experiences.

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