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Must-Have Car Tech Accessories of 2021

2020 has been a rough year. With most notably a pandemic creating tons of hardship for people around the world. 2020 is a year associated with strife, but as the year draws to a close, I am only optimistic that 2021 is going to be much better and the world will live on with a new outlook having gone through.

The pandemic however hasn’t shut down progress. Work at home solutions and brave employees continue to work hard to not only keep economies alive, but progress towards new technologies and innovations that make life better. The tech space is progressing forward with new accessories that do not stop impressing even today.

The technologies that we will be discussing here do not apply only to newer or trendy vehicles, you can also turn around your clunker and give it some splash to keep it in style.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate makes losing your keys a thing of the past. Some of our most important belongings are small and easy to lose track of and can be stress inducing to find in vital, time sensitive occasions. Tile mate can be put on your keychain and with the smartphone app, can ring to tell you where your keys are. It can also be used to find your phone as it will make your phone ring as well.

If your keys are far away, then it can use other tile mates around the location it’s lost to find it. It comes with a replaceable battery that’s guaranteed to last a year of use.

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70

No matter what or when you are driving, at some point your battery is going to die. It’s the hard truth of the road. And when your battery dies on the road, there might not be anyone around to help. What If your phone’s dead and you’re stranded in some haunted, pitch black woods? Well, the NOCO Genius can get you out in a pinch.

It’s basically a device that allows you to jumpstart your car. It can jumpstart 40 different times from a single charge and is designed to be as safe as possible. If jumpstarting your car doesn’t work out, then you can always use its built-in flashlight’s built-in SOS feature to get you out of a pickle.

FRIEQ Car Air Purifier

The FRIEQ Car Air Purifier promises to destroy bad odor in your car rather than just covering it up with a scent like other products do. Imagine you’re going on a 10-hour family road trip. Sure, the car might smell fine at first but after a while the air will start to get more and more stale. The normal solution is to use an air freshener or those oil clips you put on your vents, but FRIEQ will just get rid of bad smells and make your car smell clean.

Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Look Everybody speeds. Some people do it accidently, some people do it fully aware of the crime they are committing. While I do not advocate reckless driving, if you’re on the freeway following the cars going 20 miles over the limit there might be a chance that your day has come, and you will get pulled over.

This could be avoided though with the Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector. This nifty piece of tech will detect and alert you of any speed traps and police officers on the upcoming road. If you don’t understand why we have a speed limit that no one follows any way, then this tool is for you.

Lanmodo Night Vision System

The first automobiles made were equipped with candle lanterns to drive in the dark, and now we have night vision. The Lanmodo Night Vision System allows the driver to see about 1,000 feet in front of their car in high definition 1080p during pitch black conditions, making driving late at night in rural areas less nerve-wracking than usual. All you need to do is set up the system on your dashboard and plug it in.

Some people don’t like to use accessories or have a bunch of extra things lying around in their car. But when these things are as useful as those on this list, I like to think they’re worth the space they might take up. It really is amazing how much things improve quality of life wise every year. I predict by 2050 we will all have robot chauffeurs that can drive us around.

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