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MUSE Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti is the world’s hottest Italian supermodel. You may have seen her on the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar or in the 2005 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


But this blue eyed mother of 7-year-old Matilde attributes her success mainly to Dolce & Gabbana, who helped launch her career when she was 20-years-old after being discovered in a grocery store. Since then Bianca became a muse to many designers, photographers and brands, including Karl Lagerfeld, Loreal Paris, Karleidoscope Fragrance and even VIVA GLAM.


What we like about Bianca is her natural beauty, timeless look and her style. She seems to know what suits her the best and her make up is always flawless. Weather she wears her eyes smoky or with a classic eyeliner, her eyes are mesmerizing and compliment her sexy pout. Well, here you have it. Our muse, Bianca Balti.


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