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Multi-Purpose Makeup Is Now A Necessity

Multi-Purpose Makeup

Your makeup bag is overflowing. We know, we’ve seen it. Okay maybe we haven’t seen yours personally but we’ve seen plenty of makeup bags to know that it probably looks like you’re hauling half the drugstore around with you. What you might not realize is that while all of those products are certainly nice, you don’t necessarily need them.

You could actually cut your makeup bag down by half if you took some time out of your day to explore the concept of multi-purpose makeup products
– and we’re ready to prove that some products can definitely serve more than one purpose.

A great example would be blush – it can be an eyeshadow AND a lip color all in one. That means you’ve literally cut down on two products already; think you can go for more?

Eyebrow Pencil – It’s an Eyeliner Too!

Is there a difference between brow and eye pencil? A little bit. They’re marketed as two separate products with brow pencil having a lower wax content. Because of that you’re going to be able to wear it longer, and it’s also quite a bit softer. That being the case, you can use brow pencil as eyeliner, cutting down on yet another item in your bag.

Lash Primer – It’s a Brow Gel!

It’s an eyelash product so what did you expect? Chances are you’ve already discovered this one but we’re going to go over it really quickly anyway. Lash serum can easily be used as brow gel and it’s a great way to make your eyebrows look fuller. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Translucent Powder

If you’re like us then you’ve already used translucent powder for everything under the sun anyway, so why not one more. Translucent powder can be used as dry shampoo to mop up excess oil on your skin, and you might even want to consider using to dust your eyebrows between coats of mascara to prevent clumping. That might be a little bit out of left field but why not give it a try?

Lipstick as Blush

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention lipstick at least once during this article, and you know what? You can use it as blush. This isn’t a new trick; people have been doing it for years, and if you stick to the same product line, you should be able to avoid mismatched colors.

We’ve listed four great examples here and you’re going to be able to find quite a few more once you do a bit of research, we can almost guarantee it. The bottom line, however, is that you can easily cut your makeup bag in half, and probably make room for more makeup.

However you choose to do it, know that you’re reducing waste, saving yourself some money, and perhaps even inventing some new looks. Multi-purpose makeup is almost a requirement these days, as you’ve probably already figured out, so take advantage of these tips and make it happen.

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