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Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli Provides Delicious Vegan Meats

At VIVA GLAM Magazine, we have a passion for featuring the most inspiring plant-based and vegan brands. So, when we came across Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli, we were not just ecstatic, we were completely blown away. Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli creates plant-based DELIcacies with our health, earth, and animal friends in mind. In order to create the bright, cruelty-free future they want, they began creating plant-based deli meats. We are completely inspired by their mission, as it aligns closely with our own. And we found their deli treats to be unbelievably authentic and delicious.

We tried the Unreal Roasted Turk’y and the Unreal Corn’d Beef (which can both be found here in The Grocery Pack), and we found it hard to believe they were made from plants! They were that good. Sometimes vegan meat slices can feel gummy or chewy, but these plant-based deli treats were tender and melted in our mouths. With ingredients like chickpeas, they still provide protein but with a delicious taste from the plants they are created from. For instance, the Corn’d Beef was created with beets, tomatoes, and many other easy-to-pronounce ingredients. And it tasted like authentic corned beef with hints of veggie flavors. It was super delicious and tender, so much so that it tasted like real meat. We found Mrs. G’s to be an excellent substitute for real meat, and I truly believe that even meat eaters who will try it will agree. The products also have a very good shelf life. It’s not too short (so you can store them for a bit) but not so long that it makes you question why. It’s just right!

We also tried the vegan coleslaw and dressing from Mrs. G, and it was just as delicious. They really provided a nice touch to the perfect meal, giving us a full, vegan sandwich experience.

Aside from deli strips, Mrs. G’s also offers Chick’n Strips, Taco Meat, and other plant-based meats. Currently, you can find these delicious treats for yourselves at VeggieGrill, Whole Foods, Quiznos, and Mendocino Farms. And you can get plant-based recipes from Mrs. G on their website here.

The world is finally opening up its mind and becoming more and more plant-based. And we believe Mrs. G’s deli will be a big part of this change. Be sure to pick up your Mrs. G’s Unreal Deli Meats, and follow them here!

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