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Most People Don’t Know that Disney Parks Offer This Service

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The “Keys to the Kingdom” Tour

Without giving too much away, let’s discuss this specific tour. On the “Keys to the Kingdom” tour, they discuss how Disney parks are designed for the 1% that notice the smallest detail. For instance, off of Main Street, in a small side street, there is an open window with someone running singing lessons and dance lessons all day long. This little recording will be playing all day as ambience, though almost no one will notice. They cover the forced perspective of Main Street, mention the surprising number of hidden lightening rods within the park, discuss the details in the credits on the buildings, and, of course, take you on a few favorite rides during your five-hour experience.

The Utilidors

The most interesting part of the tour, however, is getting to go backstage at Disney World. Not only do you get to see the parade floats up close, but you get to see the infamous utilidors! The utilidors, more commonly referred to as the “underground tunnels,” are how employees get around at Disney World. Though they are not actually tunnels, they are almost always referred to as such, and these underground walkways are generally brought up as the subjects of myths and legends. But, they do, in fact, exist (solely at Disney World- not at Disneyland). And if you take this tour, you will get to experience them first-hand.

Why does Disney have these utilidors at Magic Kingdom? They have them to help keep the magic alive. If you see a western-inspired look from Frontierland over in Tomorrowland, the magic gets a little less real. So, the tunnels help the employees get from point A to point B without spoiling any magic.

We hope that on your next trip to Disney you experience one of their magical tours. The “Keys to the Kingdom” tour is well worth the trip to Florida, and who doesn’t want to see infamous utilidor tunnels?


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