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Most fabulous casino winning stories in the world

There is a widespread belief that the casino system works so that people do not win there but lose. They say they apply several psychological tricks to any player in such places. The main one is to allow winning a little to get involved and rip him off later. However, history knows of cases where people have walked out of casinos with millions of dollars in their hands. Winnings at online casinos have long ago surpassed tens of millions of dollars. Every month at numerous licensed sites win several million more. This is all made possible thanks to the best online slots and machines with progressive jackpots. They are played by millions of people on thousands of resources, and the bank accumulates a total.

It is noteworthy that most of these winnings were received in the United States. It is because of a world gambling capital – Las Vegas, situated there, or perhaps because 57% of that country’s population regularly participates in lotteries and visits casinos. We are ready to prove that you don’t have to leave home to hit the jackpot. Whether it’s Las Vegas or Yukon Gold Casino, players have an equal chance of getting rich. We have chosen true stories of fortunate people who got lucky one day.

1. MGM Grand (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winnings: $20 million to $40 million.

One night, Australian billionaire Kerry Parker (number 1 most prosperous man in the country at the time of his death in 2005, worth $ 6.5 billion), while in Las Vegas, decided to stop at the casino and out of curiosity to play baccarat and blackjack. That night he won from $20 million to $40 million (the exact figure is unknown because there were several wins). Kerry began to embezzle money in the casino. For example, a tip of his waitress and maitre d’ was $1 million. Interestingly, in 1999, Kerry Parker was in London, losing about $ 28 million in casinos. All casinos are monitored by CCTV, installed and installed by the best professionals.

2. Excalibur (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winnings: $39.7 million.

 In March 2003, a twenty-five-year-old engineer from Los Angeles came to Vegas, not for fun, but to cheer on his favorite basketball team. He was a few hours away from the game and decided to pass the time at the famous Excalibur Casino. He sat down at the slot machines, and off he went. He spent a total of $100, tossing tokens one after another when suddenly the word “jackpot” flashed up on the screen, and the music started playing. His winnings were a phenomenal $39,713,982.25, comparable to the average monthly profits of the entire casino. The winner wished to keep his name a secret and was remembered as the “young engineer” by the casino patrons. In addition, he asked the casino not to give him all his winnings at once, but to transfer about $1.5 million to his account every year.

3. Mirage (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winnings: $21 million and $4.6 million.

 Winning a million dollars in Las Vegas is unbelievable and fantastic. But some people have survived the event twice. World War II veteran Elmer Sherwin was 76 years old when he captured the $4.6 million jackpot ten hours after the Mirage Casino opened. Elmer spent the money on a trip around the world. Even after that happy occasion, he visited the casino twice a week with enviable regularity. Why give up a business in which fortune smiled on you! Sixteen years later, he hit the jackpot at the same casino again, this time for $21 M. The veteran spent most of his second winnings not for himself but for charity: he helped the victims of Hurricane Catherine.

4. Fremont (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winnings: $8.9 million.

“You want money? Ask, and it will be given to you,” said 71-year-old Hawaii resident Amy Nishimura. Amy had come to Las Vegas for the vacation. One slot machine somehow immediately appealed to her. The woman felt like the machine was alive. She went up to it and started talking to it. Next, Amy put the token down and began the game. She had less than $100 in her purse, and luck would have to hurry if she was to catch her in the casino. And after three hours of hard play, the machine hit the jackpot.

5. Palace Station (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winnings: $680,000 and over $27 million.

Once, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine gave a 60-year-old woman $680,000. But the money didn’t turn the lady’s head: instead of spending it left and right, the woman regularly visited the casino. She invested all the money she won in her gambling activities. And she was right: sometime later, her investments brought her super profits – she hit the jackpot at the Megabucks (one of the slot machines).

6. Gold Coast (Las Vegas, Nevada) Winning: $12 million.

 In 1996, postal clerk John Tippin came to Las Vegas on vacation and set a world record for winnings at Megabucks – $12 million. Since then, his life has been on a streak of luxury limousines and beautiful women. But it turns out that sudden money is not just luck but also a challenge. In 2001, John published the book “I Did It! My Life After Megabucks” – he recounted how he went from jet setter to loser and alcoholic. “Those who think a big score will solve all their problems are wrong,” Mr. Tippin warns. The book is a curious read, in principle discouraging a trip to Las Vegas, but the eight pages of illustrations of the beautiful life have the opposite effect on the reader.

7. Fifty London Casino (London) Winnings: $1.6 million.

Another confirmation of the adage “Money for money.” English billionaire and Newcastle United team owner Mike Ashley visited London’s most famous casino, Fifty, in 2008. Since Ashley is a very busy man and appreciative of the time, he decided to spend no more than 15 minutes on a roulette game. Being an unconventional person and loving attention, Ashley decided to do something memorable. He publicly stated that he only bet money once, on one particular number – on 17! In his case, his luck didn’t take long to talk him into it: Mike Ashley won immediately. Once Ashley’s money was paid out, he thanked the casino staff and modestly left the building.

8. Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort (Chester, West Virginia) Winnings: $3.7 million.

On June 7, 2006, Beverly Whitten probably thought her life was about to end, retiring that day after 38 years of teaching. But almost a week later, on June 15, Beverly realized that life was just beginning! Lady had snapped up a $3,718,311 jackpot! She played a slot machine called the Golden Chambers for two hours and won. Whitten couldn’t figure out where to spend so much money, so she asked the casino to pay her winnings in installments – like $1945 a month.

News about jackpots doesn’t come around very often. Especially when it comes to winnings at online casinos, predominantly for those who do not believe that you can become a millionaire with the help of gambling – there are tons of stories like the following: after a hard day’s work, a Swede named Peter used to gamble at online slots. He was particularly amused by Arabian Nights with the racers and Aladdin’s Lamps on the screen. Peter had been playing for hours when suddenly a sign appeared saying “Congratulations! You’ve won!” The prize was €900,000. When asked where he would spend the money, Peter replied, “First, I’ll pay off my house loan, and second, I’ll travel the world.”

John Heywood: How to earn $13 million from home :

It is also possible to set a record and win a large sum of money at online casinos. John Heywood, a soldier in the British army, proved this by his example.

In 2015, Mr. Heywood hit the Mega Moolah online game jackpot – £13,213,838.68. John admits that he didn’t even believe the reality of what was happening at first. He thought there was a glitch in the system and went to work the next day, as usual.

The fact that he really became a winner and a record-breaker, John Heywood was told by the official representative of the online casino by phone. The British soldier hit the jackpot and eclipsed the record of an anonymous Finnish player. He won €17,861,813 at Mega Moolah in 2014. Haywood won €17,879,645 at the 2015 exchange rate. Thanks to the difference of 18 thousand, he made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the man who won the most significant win on a virtual slot machine.

The British soldier proved that it is possible to break a big score not only in land-based casinos. At online casinos, visitors have no less chance of becoming millionaires. This is evidenced by the fact that since the release of Mega Moolah in 2006, thanks to this video slot have become millionaires almost 50 people. Far from all cases, we are talking about a dollar fortune because the jackpot is paid out in the currency the bet is made. Nevertheless, the number of winnings and their size in national currencies is impressive.

Heywood’s record lasted only three years. At the end of September 2018, Mega Moolah was the biggest jackpot in the history of online casino slot machines. The winner, whose name is not yet known, won €18,910,668.01. The bank is now ranked fifth among the biggest winnings in the history of gambling, including record wins at land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

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