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Morning Routine for Busy Girl Bosses

No matter if you’re a morning person or not, you’ve probably wished to wake up feeling energized and refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Everyone desires to just wake up, get dressed, and be motivated for the upcoming day at work. However, sometimes that’s not possible for a variety of reasons, but luckily there are ways for you to wake up, get inspired, and simply feel fully ready for the day!

Freshen Up First

The first thing in the morning that you should do is get up and freshen up. As soon as you leave the bed, go to the bathroom, wash your face, brush your teeth, even take a shower and drink a big glass of water. This activity will help you wake up faster and the cool water on your face will make you even more alert.

Such morning routines signal your body that it is time to wake up and feel refreshed. The big glass of water is to hydrate your body since your hand had any water during the night. All these small actions will make a huge difference in your day, so start it with a bit of a refreshment.

Get Your Body Moving

After you’ve freshened up a bit, it’s time to start moving your body. This is another great way to tell your mind and body that it’s time to wake up and to get your daily dose of exercise. Exercising in the morning can be a nice boost to start the day, and it can help you stay in shape and healthy.

If you can’t fit in a whole workout routine in the morning, light stretching, or a few sit ups, pushups, and jumping jacks will do the trick. Also, if you’re not big on exercising in the morning, you can still get some benefits from simply moving around the house. Take this opportunity to prepare your clothes, and breakfast, take out the trash and even get your folding e-scooter ready for going to work. Whatever you see fit for a bit of light exercise, do it, since your body will love all that activity in the morning, get you inspired and ready for the day.

A Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will be a great and delicious boost for your mind and body in the morning. You can make whatever you like from healthy smoothies with plenty of fruits and veggies, to beans on toast, avocado toast, tortillas, and so on. Whatever you are making, just make sure it has a few healthy carbs because they will provide you with enough energy for the morning.

Complete the Most Important Tasks Before 10 AM

If you are a girl boss, you already know that you’re the most productive in the morning. So, this is when you should complete all the “money-making” and important tasks. You should use this natural motivation after waking up and let it snowball into the tasks. These tasks can be anything that you deem important, from the ones that drive the most business to the ones that fulfill you the most.

Make a list of top three or five priorities, and get them done before 10 AM. this way you will feel proud, excited, and motivated to go through the day at the same pace. Plus, you’ll know that the most important things are taken care of, making the whole day less stressful.

Visualize Your Dreams and Goals

Visualization is an incredible tool to get yourself motivated and help yourself get everything done. The first step is simply deciding what you want and what your goals are. You can easily put up a vision board in your room, and dedicate a few minutes of your mornings to it. You can print out photos to bring to life your goals and help yourself visualize them better.

If your goal is to lead your business to success, put it on the board! You can even get some steps towards that goal printed and visualized in order to always stay focused and on the right path. Also, you can write everything down in your journal, too. Whatever helps you visualize your goals, don’t be afraid to use it. This will help you always stay focused, and starting your days like this will only bring more motivation and productivity especially because you know why you are doing even the most boring tasks.

Mornings can be rough on everyone. However, if you do your best to stay refreshed, energized, and positive, you will soon become a morning person and the meanest girl boss there is.

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