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More Departments are Starting to Sell Non-Toxic Beauty Brands!

We live in a day and age where the demand for cruelty-free, clean, and non-toxic beauty is starting to increase. Makeup lovers have smelt the organic fair trade coffee and realized that it’s time to make some changes, and brands have been answering their prayers. There was a time where it was extremely limiting to try to stick to a beauty routine consisting entirely of non-toxic brands. But today it’s easier than ever!

While going cruelty-free is great, it’s also super important for us to think twice about the chemicals in the products we use. Think about it — you’re slathering this stuff onto your face and letting it seep into your pores. Do you really want it to be toxic and filled with chemicals? We’re huge fans of non-toxic beauty brands and now department stores have made it even easier for us to get our hands on them!

What is Non-Toxic Beauty?

The majority of products in the beauty market are toxic. They contain chemicals that can be harsh and harm our skin and even our hormones. Our skin is sensitive and delicate; can you imagine what applying chemicals can do to it in the long run? Your skin will age faster and it’s texture will get rough.

That’s why we’re all about non-toxic beauty. Non-toxic beauty products use all natural and organic ingredients. The makeup is completely crafted from natural botanical ingredients. Non-toxic beauty brands make sure to produce products that are completely free or harsh ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates, etc.

Get Them At Department Stores Now!

In the past it was tricky to get your hands on these amazing products. Most of them were sold by little-known brands that function entirely out of Instagram or unknown websites. There are certainly a few token infamous non-toxic beauty brands, but most of them were hard to track down.

You can understand why we’re dying at the fact that department stores have now started selling them! Department stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom now stock non-toxic beauty brands. They even have sections online entirely dedicated to them!

They offer a specially curated selection of non-toxic beauty brands that were previously only sold on individual websites. Hundreds of natural and organic products can now be found at these widely accessible department stores!

Brands To Look Out For

While we’re huge fans of any beauty brand that decides to produce non-toxically, we do like to play favorites. We’d like to highlight just a few of our fave non-toxic brands that you can now find sold in department stores!

  • Juice Beauty -The brand came up on everyone’s radar the second that health guru Gwyneth Paltrow became their creative director. Juice Beauty was founded by Karen Behnke as a brand that promises the highest quality of products while using entirely organic and non-toxic ingredients. They’re a vegan brand that offers an amazing range of skincare and some makeup as well. Our favorite is their Stem-Cellular Cleansing Oil!
  • Herbivore Botanicals -While this brand is most known for it’s beautiful aesthetic that’s very popular on social media; it’s also known for it’s amazing ethos. The skincare brand can be found in Sephora as well as department stores. They offer a wide range of skin and body care products such as soap bars and facial oils. Our personal favorite has to be the Rose Face Mist!
  • Luxe Botanics –All the way from South Africa, Jene Roestorf brought us this amazing skincare brand that relies entirely on non-toxic ingredients. She has made it her mission to source the most potent, skin-transforming natural ingredients possible. Our favorite product would be her Marula Hydrating Serum!

Now that non-toxic skincare is becoming more prevalent, it’s time to #switchtosafer and start to incorporate more non-toxic products in your routine.

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