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Molly Bernard of “Younger” On Her Admiration for Her Fellow Cast Members and How She’s Changed Since Playing Lauren

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When a young actress gets to play the role of “the best friend”, she’s lucky if she gets to say more than a few lines. But in shows by Darren Star, “the best friend” usually rounds out the show, adds to outrageous story lines, and becomes a key part of the show as time goes on. Now that we’re in season 2 of Younger, Darren Star will do the same thing with Molly Bernard’s character Lauren, the best friend to Hilary Duff’s character Kelsey Peters.


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If you have yet to see an episode of Younger, we highly recommend you do so. Sutton Foster plays Liza, a 40-year-old divorcee who struggles to find a job in her original career path in publishing until she lies about her age and says she’s 27. We watch how Liza navigates her new life with new younger friends (Kelsey and Lauren), a younger boyfriend, and a headstrong boss while living with her best friend in Brooklyn.

Last season, Molly Bernard made her debut as Lauren Heller, a persistent and outgoing fashion publicist in Manhattan. From posting her own topless photo on Twitter to trend on Topless Tuesday to throwing her own Hot-Mitzvah, we’re looking forward to seeing what antics Lauren pulls of this season.

Season 2 of Younger debuts on January 13th at 10pm. Molly Bernard shares with us what it’s like on set with all of that talent, what she shares in common with her character, and what she thinks about the overall message about youth in Younger.


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