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Moldavite Buying Guide: How To Know If It’s Genuine?

Moldavite is a type of greenish tektite that was formed over 20 million years ago. It can be found all around the world, but Germany has the most deposits. There are many reasons why you might want to buy this form of tektite – it’s highly prized, has healing properties, or could just be something for your collection. This Moldavite Buying Guide will help you know what to look for when buying this beautiful green gemstone!

Know Your Seller

The first thing you should do before buying any gemstone is to find out about the seller. You can easily check them out by clicking on their name and checking out their profile. If they have a good reputation, sell other gems and provide positive feedback from their customers, then odds are that they’ll treat your purchase with the same care and attention. The moldavite professionals at specialize in moldavite and only moldavite, which is something you should look for in a seller. A company that sells a specific product and has information about it thoroughly on its website is sure to be a trusted seller. Another reason to know your seller is to make sure they’re not after your money. Check whether they have moldavite auctions or sales and do a little research to see if there’s any scam involved.

Always Check For Authenticity

There’s nothing worse than being sent a beautiful piece of fake Moldavite! The best way to ensure that you’re getting the real deal is to buy from an authorized dealer, such as the ones listed on the site. You can also ask your seller for a photo or scan of their gemstone’s certification. A seller who can provide this information with no hesitation is also a good sign that the gemstone will be genuine. Also, check out the price of a piece of moldavite you want to buy. If it’s extremely cheap, something might be up – no real seller will sell their stones for under $100 (unless they’re on sale). Quality gemstones cost money and you definitely should not be paying less than $50 for anything other than small chips. A quality moldavite gemstone that is over 5 grams is sure to cost more than $200 so research the worth of moldavite before engaging in any buying activity.

Know Your Specimens

If you’re looking to buy Moldavite for its healing properties, then it’s best to check the type of specimen before bidding for one online. All authentic moldavite comes in strong colors. If you come across a Moldavite in bright green, blue, or brown – it’s not real! You might find specimens in other colors around the world but they aren’t from meteorites and are instead created when minerals interact with the soil. So, genuine moldavite will come in black, grey, and possibly green (although the green isn’t as strong). Authentic Moldavite also has a glassy appearance and is translucent. When you know this information, you cannot be a victim of scams.

Know The Location And Quality Of A Specimen

All moldavite comes from meteorites, but it’s important to know where your carving or specimen was found. Specimens found in the Czech Republic are of better quality than other regions because the meteorite hit an area rich in Feldspar. Feldspar is one of the minerals present in moldavite, so it only makes sense that specimens from this region would have higher concentrations of feldspar. The location where your Moldavite was found also influences its appearance. Moldavite from the Czech Republic is often black with a smooth surface, while German moldavite will have grey crystals and smaller specimens. Knowing this, you can pick up on whether your gemstone is fake or not and never rush into a purchase!

What The Meteorites Did To Moldavite

The way your moldavite was created is what makes it so special. Without the meteor, moldavite wouldn’t exist! The meteor hit Earth with such force that it caused a huge explosion and left behind fragments of Moldavite. You can find pieces in the Czech Republic, Moravia, Bavaria, and Austria. The Czech Republic is home to many moldavites and was once part of Bohemia (hence the name). Moldavites from Moravia are called Moravite and have a slightly different appearance. All moldavites were created when meteorites hit Earth millions of years ago, but their unique shapes vary depending on where they landed. The Czech Republic pieces are rounder and flatter while pieces from Bavaria will be more blocky with a rough surface. Naturally formed moldavites are not always perfectly shaped and may have cracks, chips, or uneven surfaces. Most of the time you will find moldavites in black (or green), but they can also come in brown, yellow, orange, or white. No two pieces of Moldavite look the same – even if they were created using the same piece of meteorite.

What About Fake Moldavite?

Fake moldavites are quite common, especially nowadays. If you come across a piece of “moldavite” that looks like it’s glowing or has an unusual color – it’s not real. There is no way to duplicate the extraterrestrial properties and energies of the genuine stones and fakes will never have the same properties as a real moldavite. The best way to tell if your Moldavite is genuine or fake is by looking at the price and knowing what you’re buying from the start. Fake moldavite is also found in bright colors like green, yellow and blue. So when you’re looking to buy Moldavite in the Czech Republic or online, always remember that real pieces are dark in color with smooth surfaces and translucent qualities. They also come in different shapes including spherical, circular, and flat. Don’t get drawn by random sellers who use social media to target their audiences and market moldavite.

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I hope this guide has taught you how to distinguish between a real and fake Moldavite because it’s very important for both your financial savings and metaphysical well-being. Authentic Moldavites come from meteorites and they have very unique metaphysical properties. Moldavite is a powerful gem with extraterrestrial energies so it’s important to buy, sell or collect genuine pieces. If you’re interested in buying your first moldavite I recommend going to a trusted dealer who has a good reputation and who you can contact before or after your purchase. Good luck with your first purchase!

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