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Model Spotlight: Alejandra Rich

Alejandra Rich is a model and businesswoman with an eye for fashion. Alejandra has spent many years working with designers and gaining an expertise on red-carpet fashion, and now she is in the process of launching Al Rich, her own e-commerce boutique. We sat down with Alejandra to ask her about Al Rich and to pick her brain on red-carpet fashion.

Alejandra, you have worked with several well-known designers. Is there one in particular you liked working with the most?

I’ve enjoyed working with each of the designers I’ve met and have felt special and fantastic in all their dresses. There are two I’ve worked well with for several years that I’d love to mention: Segundo Lema from New York City and Marvin Bendana, a big designer of gala dresses in Hollywood.

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Photo by @Visualeyezfilmz

As you are consistently wearing fantastic designs, do you have a favorite style of gown, and why?

My favorite dress is a Princess-style dress. I like it because it’s loose, so I can comfortably walk in it. I also like when a dress has a slit up the side of one leg.

You know quite a few things about evening gowns and how to wear them. What is the number 1 tip you can share with women on how to choose the right gown?

My advice is that you pick a dress that makes you feel comfortable. Color is important to me. I like knowing what the colors of the season are, so it’s easier to know what color I can use. 

Is there one particular accessory you feel women underestimate when it comes to red-carpet styling?

A bracelet goes a long way, but it all depends on the dress.

Is there one trend you really wish would come back?

Well, I don’t have any tendency to look back. I like new trends very much.  

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Photo by @Visualeyezfilmz

Tell us about your online boutique, Al Rich. What are you going to offer on your e-commerce?

My clothing brand applies the latest trends in fashion while reflecting the silhouette of a sophisticated, stylish woman. It reflects femininity and sensuality.

How difficult is it to start an e-boutique now-a-days? Did you have help or are you a one-woman show.

I’ve always wanted to enter the business world. I’m very happy to do so, though it is a lot of work and there are so many aspects going on: there’s manufacturing, design, the website, and for all this, you need help.

Being a model, what’s the hardest part of getting jobs these days?

The hardest part of being a model is that everyone wants to be a model now-a-days. There are so many models, and many take jobs for less money than they should, which makes it hard for everyone. 

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Photo by @Visualeyezfilmz

Is there a modeling job that you are the proudest of? 

I’ve been proud of all my work as a model.

LA? New York? or Miami? Which is your favorite place to reside?

My favorite place to reside in is Miami.

Do you prefer being in a bikini or a gown?

I love being in a gown. I feel free and very comfortable in them.

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Nicole Kidman is my favorite celebrity.

What’s coming up for you in the next 5 years? What would you like to accomplish?

I look forward to focusing on my company, designing and creating new trends, and enjoying time with my family.


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