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Misery Loves Company; Revealing Too Much on Social Media

Are your online friends making you uncomfortable because they blab too much?

Compared to five years ago, our daily lives seem consumed by social media. Before we get out of bed to have coffee, we are scrolling through our feeds. We post several times a day on different media outlets.
We take into consideration what social media influencers say, think, and purchase.
And in the back of our minds we are constantly thinking to ourselves, “Would this be a good selfie photo op?”

Indeed, social media is a great place to voice opinions and bring attention to people, organizations, and events that are noteworthy.
However, some people
are also using it to voice situations and opinions that are far more personal than what we are used to hearing publicly.

Do you really want to hear about the inner workings of your neighbor’s lives?
Suddenly, you become privy to the private lives of people and relationships that you may know only casually.
Hearing that your neighbor’s husband had an affair with a soccer mom might make you uncomfortable while taking out the trash.
And others who write every detail of their relationships online
may also make you uncomfortable.

Why do people reveal so much on social media? Many want affirmation, sympathy, and condolences.
They want people to be on their side, validate, or commensurate with them. In short, they want others to make them feel better.

What can you do if someone is making you uncomfortable? You can unfriend or unfollow them – or simply don’t read or respond to their posts.
After all, you can’t control others. You can only control your own actions.
If your neighbor is ranting and raving on social media, ignore it.
The worst thing you can do is engage because this will further fuel the fire.

And remember, when you post something, chances are you are not posting it for a few friends and family. A lot of people will see your post. So always think twice about what you choose to post and its nature.
Once something is out there, it is out there forever. And perhaps sharing intimate conversations are still best kept between close friends and person.

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