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Are Mermaid Thighs Killing the Thigh Gap?

Mermaid thighs celebrate a fuller figure.

Last year’s ideal leg envisioned a skinny thigh so thin that there was a large thigh gap between a woman’s legs. Many believed this promoted an unhealthy body type that women were unrealistically trying to achieve. As a result, there has recently been a thigh gap backlash with women revolting against skinny legs.

The trend of super skinny legs has been confronted full force by the new craze: mermaid thighs. Coined by UK designer, Emma Jewell, who said, “Keep your thigh gap, I’ve got mermaid thighs,” this phrase celebrates a woman’s voluptuous and curvy figure. Indeed this trend has been seen recently with celebrities Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Coco Austin and Chyna Blac.

Now the phrase “mermaid thighs” is circulating throughout social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook attached to images showing women whose thighs touch together to the knee rather than apart. This is in sharp contrast to women’s legs that are so thin they are spaced apart above the knee.

Emma Jewell said, “I, like so many women, can never achieve a thigh gap. It’s just not the way I am made. If one of the ways I can try to love myself is to be a mermaid, then I’m all for it. It’s about saying: .≤Look at my awesome body. I am so proud to be me and the shape that I am today.”

What do you think? Are you all for the mermaid thigh? Or do you still prefer a thigh gap?




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