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Menopause and mattress selection – What you should keep in mind

Night sweats are common in women! Most people think it’s because of genetic reasons. At times, it’s because of the body’s changing and shifting hormones that make women go all sweaty and uncomfortable. It is prevalent in women who are about to or are experiencing menopause.

Menopause and sleep patterns

For women, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are the three crucial hormones. And when these three go completely berserk, it impacts the body’s functions. The fluctuating hormone levels have a chance to affect sleep quality. It makes them toss and turn over the bed all night. Most menopausal women experience night sweats and hot flashes. It doesn’t allow them to have a sound or deep sleep. Few women have even developed insomnia and other erratic sleep patterns. One of the best ways to correct this is by opting in for the correct matters. To know more about this, you need to read about the best guide for the best mattresses for menopause.

Things to look for in a mattress

Not every woman is aware of how to search for a mattress, to lessen the sleeping issues faced because of menopause. The idea requirement here is that the bed should enable them to sleep cool. No one wants to fight through the hot flash as well as other uncomfortable menopause symptoms that make women sweat all night. It also affects the sebum level and makes the skin appear oily and sticky, which is equally unpleasant.

Selecting a mattress that helps women to sleep cool is essential. It is here that a memory foam mattress does complete justice. However, conventionally the bed could have caused a sweaty and sticky feeling. Today, the new age developments that have taken place for foam technology has made it easy for menopausal women to sleep comfortably.

You can also opt-in for a latex mattress! It is because the latex mattress is inherently cool and contains no heat. Hence, latex hybrid mattress or latex mattress is a smart choice. You could also opt-in for the hybrid innerspring coil mattress that blends in the separate metal coils using latex foam, memory foam, and various other materials. It comes with fantastic airflow and perfect breath-ability. It helps people to sleep comfortable and calm.

How does this mattress help?

Other than having inherently cool features, the mattresses mentioned above are responsive. It can effectively conform to the body temperature of the sleeper. The advanced motion isolation technology in most of these mattresses keeps the sleeper completely unaffected, even when another person is sleeping on the bed. Additionally, it provides the correct amount of firmness required for quick spinal adjustment. The mattresses also come with ample softness that can cradle the body and averts the appearance of the pressure points. It also has fantastic edge support that caters to all the specific requirements of the body.

These are some ways in which a memory foam or a latex mattress can help menopausal women to sleep well.  You need to check other personal requirements like the mattress length and the price as well. Once you get convinced, go ahead and make a buy.


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