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Melanie Martinez Releases Gorgeous Double Feature Video

Melanie Martinez releases her next two singles with a twist! Instead of one song and video, she released two tracks, “Soap” and “Training Wheels” which play sequentially in the music video. To top it off, she also directed the video!

Martinez’s debut album made an extraordinary debut on the charts with her release debuting on the Billboard 200 at #5, on the “Top Albums” chart at #5, and on the “Current Alternative Album” chart at #1. She also reached the #1 spot on the iTunes Alternative Albums Chart and #8 on the iTunes Overall Albums Chart. Not bad at all for a debut!

Martinez is already known for her quirky style, as we talked about it in our feature a few months back. In this video, she dons a half-black, half-pink hairstyle which is styled impeccably as straight during “Soap”
and with a flower halo in
“Training Wheels”.


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