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Melanie Martinez: How her Style Ties into Her Music and her Alter-Ego “Crybaby”


You’re known for your two-toned hair. When did you start dying
your hair like it is now? How do you decide on the color choices?

I started the half-half thing when I was 16-[years-old]. It kinda became my natural hair color. I don’t even think about changing it. If you think of it, one side of my head is so damaged. I don’t want to bleach the other side and make it blonde. I feel like all of the dying it black might really affect how it comes out if I bleach it out. I love putting color on the blonde side. I get bored very quickly. Right now, I’m back to blonde and black because I haven’t had it like this in a long time. I think after this, I’ll dye the ends pastel colors, get extensions, and rock it out for a while.


Do you think by dying your hair in two tones it allows you to identify with both Melanie and your alter-ego, Cry Baby?

Yeah, in a way though it’s really hard. It’s interesting. I feel comfortable talking about personal things that happen to me in songs, being really honest. It’s because I’m telling it through Cry Baby’s mouth. Writing is therapy. It’s definitely been helpful.

I feel like it’s really hard to separate personal and artist stuff on social media. For me, it’s one thing. Some people pretend to be a character. Cry Baby is me. That’s why it’s so personal for me. My personal life is my artist life. I’ve been trying to separate it and being this character, Cry Baby, has helped me do that in a way. It’s really helped me get rid of stress .≤cause I stress out about it all the time. How much is too much to share with my fans? Am I being honest? Too real? It’s hard. People expect you to be a perfect Barbie doll and a robot. I can’t do that. It’s physically impossible.


As someone who is Puerto Rican and Dominican, have your cultures influenced your style or are you more influenced by your surroundings and other artists?

I think my style is definitely [influenced] by my music and who I am. Everything that I do, I like to fit it all together. It is who I am. I just cling to things and stick with them. I feel like this is just a huge phase that I’m going through. Right now, it looks like Cry Baby would live in [my home.] There’s pastel-colored everything, crazy ornate pink boards. I have a toy collection in my living room.



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