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Melanie Martinez: How her Style Ties into Her Music and her Alter-Ego “Crybaby”


Your debut album, “Cry Baby,” comes out August 14. What can we expect in terms of music and lyrics? Are there any underlying themes?

The whole album is a children’s storybook for adults. Cry Baby is a fairytale version of myself. There’s a lot of similarities between [us]. She’s a little girl who’s basically going through these childhood scenes because they fit into her world. I wrote about situations that I’ve gone through, disguised them in whimsical ways. Basically, she’s just singing about my life but it’s disguised in a fairytale way. The whole album is a story of her life and what she’s gone through. From beginning to end, the first track is “Cry Baby,” who she is and what she’s about. It tells the story of her at first, where she lives, her first heartbreak, her life. Through the album, she becomes more comfortable in her own skin. I’ve become that way as well while writing the album. All of the transitions that she made as a human, I’ve gone through, too. She’s representing myself but the more imperfect and vulnerable part of me.


Were you aware of the story you wanted to tell before you started
the album and wrote the tracks in that order? Or did you put them in order after figuring out your concept?

I put it together in that order after I figured it out. I knew the direction for sure, but I didn’t know the whole story was going to [fit together]. It’s weird how it worked out. I’m excited to keep writing and figuring out this whole world.


What inspired the album as a whole?

“Dollhouse” was the first of everything. It started the whole thing. I was coming off of “The Voice” and I was really inspired by toy sounds for a while. I had never been in a studio with a producer. I spent the whole year after “The Voice” working in the studio, collaborating, going through sessions. I had never done that before so it took me a while. The whole year was figuring out my sound, who I was. Coming off a show like that, I almost got caught up in that momentum and [released an album right away], but I would have put out garbage. I’m really happy that I got to figure out something that I’m super proud of rather than some acoustic bullshit that I’d probably want to take off iTunes right now.


Your tour begins on August 26. What can we expect to see on your tour? Do you know who you will be touring with yet?

I don’t know who’s opening for me yet. This will be my fourth headlining tour, which is kinda crazy. I did three tours off of an EP which is only four songs. This is going to be really exciting for me. I’m excited to make [the show] more visual.



Melanie Martinez: How her Style Ties into Her Music and her Alter-Ego "Crybaby"

Melanie Martinez: How her Style Ties into Her Music and her Alter-Ego "Crybaby"

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